2014 BMW 7 Series VS Mercedes S63 AMG

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brill adimora says:

i think this is a baseless debate.. the difference is clear as its so
obvious the mercedes is a much prettier car. the bmw looks like every other
bmw out there. i like bmw particularly the m division but in all honesty
the merc 63 amg is by far the better option bcuz its seems and feels like
its worth the amount its sold for, but as for the bmw, it kinda seem like
your paying for the name.

Jay Sengdala says:

I have driven the BMW 7 Series and it was just extremely quiet whereas the
S63 sounds like a roaring Lion

Jay Sengdala says:

Ps. I’m not a fan boy
Actually I would prefer the Bentley Continental GTC Speed to those two , if
I would have to choose.

benjamin rashard says:

BMW 7 Series !!! Bavaria motor works IS Best CAR IN THE WORLD

george0700 says:

ok here is the deal:
if you over 75 years old buy mercedes.
but if you just turn 18~25 and so on buy BMW

Mahendra Dinata says:

7 series NOTHING compare with W222 S CLass

Muhammad Aqeil Hamdan says:

THE mercedes is so so so boring to me

Kobe B says:

The Bmw look dated, the S-class show why it is the best car in the world.
People buy Mercedes because they are ageless, and the safety features in
those cars make any Bmw feels like a big toy car. This is not a head to
head comparison, it is just a side by side review of 2 cars, but, the
S-class is lightyears ahead of any Bmw ever produce, hence the reason
Mercedes S-class and E-class outsell Bmw 2-1 for decades, the only bmw
people buy more than Mercedes is the 3 series, and that is simply because
of its price

Alton Washington says:

the best . that’s easy the Mercedes Benz S550

zubayn sandhu says:


Pokabyss says:

The Mercedes has the better safety system. So everybody, hands DOWN! Also
to add, BMW haven’t made a leg recliner for the rear seats like how the S
class does.

xhulio cani says:

S classs 

Drinor Gashi says:

To first, buy one of them.

Then you can start the discussion.

Captain Lou says:

Audi S8 is a better choice than either of these two. Alpina B7 was crushed
by the S8 in motortrends head to head. You can also see a video in youtube
of a 2013 S8 walking away from a 2014 S63 in a head to head race from a
roll. I’d pick the S63 over the 7, but I’d buy the S8.

Vi Le says:

BMW 7 series

frederick barbarossa says:

Elegant 1st sporty 2nd

TheNoobvader897 says:

Even a Lexus LS 600hL has a better interior than a BMW 7 Series. XDXDXD

Mohammad Jnaid says:

S63 AMG is the best

ahmad ahmed says:

BMW 7series the best 4 ever

Amer hazaimeh says:

Mercedes Benz S63 is THE BEST!!!

osama agamy says:

Mercedes S63 AMG

Bacho Galdavadze says:



Bmw extrior s class intrior

Med Momed says:


JET997u says:

There is no comparison here. The 7 Series is such a dated car: awkward,
clunky looks with an uninteresting interior; the S63 is sleek, elegant and
muscular all at the same time. With its superior technology, the Mercedes
is the car to have. BMW has a big mission to fill with its next-generation

HAMANN382 says:

BMW The Best <3

Johnpaul ZANTIASTIUM says:

love s class forever

Muhammad Aqeil Hamdan says:


frederick barbarossa says:

BMW 7series is my choice

Senne Trenson says:

BMW 7 SERIES!!! <3 BMW is the classiest and just the best car of the two.
In 2016, there will be a new 7 Series. (for those who think the 7 Series is

Craig Bertagni says:

Mercedes Benz! The Best or Nothing!

Pattttt0406 says:

Mercedes was unveiled as “the best car in the world” for a reason!

seanpersi says:

BMW 7 Series

chinzong says:

Lol at all you people. Of course the s63 is going to be better than a
REGULAR 7 series. Bring on the Alpina B7, then we will see who is truly the
victor. As for me, i think both cars are amazing, so i find it stupid
people bashing the other car.

tiampuso1 says:

Once one drives the 2014 S63 – one understands that there is no comparison
to the BMW.

Absolutely superb!

MisterREACTIONZs2 says:

The bmw looks like a 2004 bmw with different lights. The Mercedes is just
too sick, nothing can beat it.

Georgi Georgiev - Askvik says:

Mercedes S63 is something you people can’t imagine. The new Mercedes is 10
times better than bmw

Allen Mcstein says:

The bmw looks so plain and cheap..I would and will take the S63 over

Angelo Spinola says:

Oh Lord, my friends all drive BM’s…

Arugnahk says:

If you go back in 2006 look at sclass and BMW , the new a class just came
out I think I’m 2014 and that 7 series came out in 2009 just wait a year
the watch new 7 series and THATS NOT A B7 it’s just 7series

Arugnahk says:

All the people who are saying BMW is out dated go check BMW b7 cuz this is
not a b7 

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