2014 BMW Concept X4 Full Review

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2014 BMW Concept X4 Full Review BMW Concept X4 Full Review The first video from the BMW booth. Catch a glimpse of BMW at the Auto Shanghai 2013 -and the worl…


Nike Air says:

One day 

Minx22 says:

I don’t get it, I mean why buy the X4 when you can have the X5 or X6?
What’s the point? What’s it purpose? Just trying to fill in all the numbers

derek400004 says:

Too bad the production version is really ugly..

Famas arfdsafsa says:

The Macan would eat this car for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in all
performance, looks, and handling…

lovemachine2000 says:

You’d have to be a midget to sit in the back… What’s the point of this

savic sasa says:

6:30sec He’s so ugly as the mangled car with the black and white

Mathew Lolo says:

its just a smaller x-6 nothing special

Roy Liew says:

Southeast Asian fucking accent

Jason Cowie says:

Lovely concept

Ala'a Mallak says:

it is not prety

kalan luis rodriguez says:

Why just regular x5 or x6. Get an x5m or x6m 

desma L says:


Amely77 says:

is just perfect…

aloosandrei says:

Name of the intro song ?

gromhellscreamdan says:

this is what you get when an x6 has sex with an evoque

zaphod2 says:

Thats not a full review guys. That not a review at all. Its a preview. 

Amely77 says:

…additional i can say that only this car represent me completely.

Paul Bunyian says:


Ruttithum Pharachkhullchai says:

BMW X4 รถใหม่ปี 2014

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