2014 BMW i3 Review

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BMW goes green, the organic way http://www.autoguide.com/manufacturer/bmw/2014-bmw-i3-review-3658.html Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?a…


PainEditz says:

only 100 miles on a charge ill pass tesla model s for me

Alessandro Filippi says:

When you run a video channel and you have someone who is supposed to talk
over a video, at least pick one that speaks properly…

David S says:

A lot of people saying its ugly… I think its intersting, un ortodox and
diferent which is not bad at all…

tigerfanman says:

amazing car… i could just get a few jugs of gasoline and boom the range
extends even more!

647killa says:

Why BMW why? What in hell is that. Please let Tesla handle the electric
department. Just give us more //M cars and ultimate driving machines. Take
this car out of your line-up. Yours sincerely, BMW owner/enthusiast.

Leo Mendes says:

Man I love BMW, but this car is so ugly!

richandiben says:

80-100 (+60 on gas) miles still isn’t enough

Grimlock1973 says:

Meh. Overall design looks like crap!

Jello Shot says:

FAIL! I know they got a lot of “eco friendly” tech from Toyota but they
could have made the interiors BMW like. 

Stephen Morgan says:

Why is it that only Tesla understands an EV should be attractive?

Aleksandar Trajkovski says:

It is not ugly lol its city electric small car like Honda jazz (fit)

An Vu says:

You have a terrible lisp. Please do not make any more videos. It is
incredibly distracting.

pwoo124 says:


icemanroyal says:

Many of these electric cars keep touting that you barely need to use the
brakes as the car slows down so much when you let off the accelerator it
slows you down enough. Now here’ s my thing, driving behind this guy as he
slows down, no brake lights on because all he did was let off the gas,
then he speeds up, slows down, me never really sure when any of that will
happen, and having to pay special attention. I drive a stick and i can do
the same, let off the gas, downshift and not touch the brakes, BUT, I don’t
do that. I always apply some brakes when slowing down to let the guy (or
gal) behind me know i m slowing down. i find this whole slowing down so
much without brakes a bit dangerous

PremierAutoMan86 says:

I actually like hearing this guy, man people are brutal lol 

Chuck Silva says:

UGGly……Tesla rules…..

Maximillian Smith says:

I’m waiting for a manufacturer to make an electric pick up truck. I’d
imagine it’d prove successful due to the high torque of electric motors

Ryan Langmuir says:

I think that this guy should be disqualified as a presenter because of his
lisp. No host should ever have a lisp.

Dan Frederiksen says:

I don’t want to be mean for no reason but I don’t think it’s unreasonable
to say that that lisp doesn’t work in a showbiz production. If he can train
himself not to do it that’s fine but otherwise no. It simply voids any
review content.

DMJV101 says:

I think BMW deliberately made it ugly so they’d use it as an excuse not to
continue with it. “Well we went green and you didn’t like it soooo we’re
just gonna discontinue ” 

whatthehell1338 says:

“Suffering suchotash” what a speech impediment he has. I know everyone will
say I’m a hater. But a you tube channel is the only place this guy could
get behind a lense. I believe YouTube has degraded standards as far as what
is acceptable on camera. 

chosuriki says:

Sufferin’ Succotash!

Andy Hu says:


Xavier Mangubat says:

Love the styling. Looks futuristic

Mike A. says:

BMW could easily have done a lot better. They just didn’t want to for some

Adam Dauer says:

Aside from styling, I wish the range before adding the range extender was
better than 80-100 miles. I really hope they’re at work on improving range.

Honestly though, the styling isn’t bad. It certainly is eye catching.

rextuhfer says:

cuthomers thoud love thith bmw eco clath car

grabir01 says:

What a POS !

Drew Peters says:

Theriouthly auto guide?

Ivan Vojt says:

Probably drives great in a straight line but with those bicycle sized tires
once you turn the driving experience goes down the toilet.

ctk4949 says:

I like it, but those tires are soooooo skinny!! 

SoCalFreelance says:

Say “Sufferin’ succotash!”

Lance Burley says:

2:05 rather have that audi A7 

Rusty T says:

Do not want. 

omidool says:

Its tires are super slim! And it has a tight rear passenger space. And
fairly short mileage with a single charge. Other than that, not too

Mark Rivera says:

i wouldn’t trade my RAV4 EV with this. I guess the designers of the Pontiac
Aztec found a job at BMW. The i8 ( not the i3) is the competitor for the
Tesla S. 

Rusty T says:

Do not want. 

LMGC89 says:

Why do they insist on making ev cars so ugly. I don’t get it

Koo Joon says:

Hard to come to my home from dealership after buying this car.

CSplayahata says:

-__- why this guy again………… unbearable to listen to…

FoodyTunes says:

Let’s face it, this guy can still review and present a car review with
everything you need to know. You can understand him just fine. He has a
small speech impediment, so what? He’s perfectly able to provide you with
good content through Youtube video car reviews. 

Daniel Parra says:

This was from the LA Auto Show last month, why are they showing it now?

MrBigunit495 says:

I’m sorry this really is to similar 2009-2012 honda crv

PussMag says:

if you think this is ugly, make one for yourself

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