2014 BMW i3 Review | Consumer Reports

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BMW built the futuristic looking i3 from the ground up. It’s a tall, rear-drive, electric-powered hatchback that feels quick and easy to maneuver.


Jarl Ballin' says:

If only they made it less ugly…

xanderxenius says:

First time i saw the i3 I didn’t like the exterior but after a couple of
peeps I’m starting to like it. The interior is spot on :)

MrNuggetface says:

“Mericans” hate electric cars. Look at the last 5 years of sales data on
ALL electric only vehicles. This BMW will be no different. 

Slimecrazy234 says:

No comment on the expensive price, cramped back seat, limited cargo space,
limited range, questionable long term reliability, or high projected

fatboy19831 says:

BMW should have given up some power for better range. $50,000 and you can
only go 30 miles from home? I could see myself running out of juice in just
ruining around in Manhattan. I would buy an spark EV at half the price if
I needed a short range electric car. A better bet would be the Volt. I bet
it is a blast to drive.

Grant Goodman says:

I think they got it spot on. It’s not for everyone, but exactly like the
guy said, perfect urban runaround. There isn’t range anxiety, how many
people ever have to go more than 150 miles without stopping, on a regular
basis, some people certainly but a minority. Its not pretty, but it looks
interesting, the interior is phenomenal. I think it’s a really cool car.
Innovation and thinking outside the box are things I like, and I also like
when things are really well executed from an engineering standpoint. Real
fine attention to detail is something I rarely see in cars that aren’t

rnorred1986 says:

Looks nice from the front & rear, but ugly from the sides.

mountainhobo says:

Fantastic interior. Gone is the dumb center console, so even tall people
will be comfortable. Too bad about the range, though. The same vehicle with
a conventional hybrid (Toyota/Ford-style) would sell much better, I think.

Noplay says:

What’s the highest you can go with these?

Tim Joseph says:

This vehicle is great if you have small commute to work, but this is also a
range extender, running on electricity, gas engine, or a combination of
both. I have seen places where there is a specific parking spot reserved
for compact cars, including airports.

elton john says:

This just isn’t something I would expect from BMW. 

audavid says:

Everything is good beside the price

Young Knives says:

Most vehicles aim for 300 to a tank at worse, I’m not sure how 70 to a
charge is a better proposition. Why aren’t electric motors used as a part
of the adaptive cruise control network? I’m ignorant to how these things
work obviously, but in my mind, I would think electric motors are better
suited as the “range extenders” of the engines and as a replacement for the
increasing number of overdrive gearings on our transmission.

In my mind, the accelerator pedal should be how the driver tells the CPU,
“I need the engine right now,” and the cruise control should be the driver
allowing the CPU to control utilizing the electric motors. Once again, I’m
ignorant to the intricacies of hybridization, and with the addition of
adaptive cruise technology, cylinder deactivation, and engine stop-start, I
can’t understand why you would have the electric motors solely for the most
power exhausting portion of your driving, acceleration.

r2d2c3po says:

I love my i3.

Vulgora says:

big mexican whale

aquicksilver266 says:


MrNuggetface says:

They say there is a a waiting list for these with over 12,000 people
waiting. Well if only 12,000 people are waiting for these worldwide that
means the sales are terrible. 12,000 is awful and I do mean awful on a
worldwide level. 

Random Videos says:

So that means it uses its power wen slowing down to go back into the
battery right? But why so quick hmm so much for thoes eco tires with low

quietguy1948 says:

Depending on pricing, this thing may do well, seeing as how the Model S is
selling well.

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