2014 BMW i3 review : hands on test : testdrive (english)

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0-130 kph / 0-80 mph acceleration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwqweFADPwg Deutsche Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFeY1tugeNk We drove the all…


Rami Hu says:

Looks hideous actually on the streets. Design is way ahead of our times :P 

Charles Austin says:

1:33 those tires are thinner than a bicycle.. A real shit car

Ausfahrt.tv says:

We had a chance to test the new 2013 +BMW i i3 for two days. Here is our

Ausfahrt.tv says:

We drove the all new 2014 +BMW i i3 in Amsterdam, here is our review:

Ausfahrt.tv says:

Our review on the new 2014 +BMW i3 – we were invited to the international
press driving event in #Amsterdam by +BMW i 

Desdi rodeabike says:

“BMW i-shree electric car”

taztaz79 says:

nice review, thank you! :) I’m actually going to BMW at the end of this
week to get a quotation for a BMW i3 REX…

Matthew Sherman says:

sweet love this car, I have an electric car! We have lot’s of charge
stations in my area but, the oil pig bastards of darkness have them locked
out of some of our states..people should just buy across statelines and
have them delivered. get a solar system and cut them energy leaches off
your bank account

Superdapa Anon says:

Just forward to 6:20 to see this reviewer nearly die.

Virtecha says:

2014 BMW i3 review : hands on test : testdrive (english)

Ausfahrt.tv says:

Which Mercedes did you get instead? I am not sure if they will have a
separate driving event for this engine only, but maybe we can get it as a
test car later next year.

andrecury says:

Thank you for the english reviews! So nice to see a review that actually
shows us everything – even how much cup holders the car have or how much
luggage it handles. Just subscribed

Ausfahrt.tv says:


Ausfahrt.tv says:


Frankas Zappa says:

For BMW it could be better than this. Looks kind of cheap. Tesla Model S is
much better :)

Ausfahrt.tv says:

Pssst, soll keiner wissen, dass Jan das Body-Double ist ;) [Jens]

Ausfahrt.tv says:

I agree! [Jens]

Ausfahrt.tv says:

I am with you. Regardless if you like the interieur or exterieur, everyone
should agree that it is overall a very interesting new concept.

itsdastuff says:

Total Recall car..

rafspitfire says:

Great review keep the english reviews coming!

MrJBJ93 says:

This car is amazing ! Nice review of a very nice car, keep your work up

Robert Kerr says:

The range is a problem

ruirodtube says:

The ugliest looking BMW ever! It seems like BMW is sabotaging their own

Sebastian Tristan says:

Quite a beauty.

lewil5678 says:

kommt das noch auf deutsch???

josh786manchester says:

I have just subscribed :)

walter0bz says:

bikes are just right, balance between health and benefit of technology in
multiplying human range can’t comfortably walk 20,30,40 miles in a day

Ausfahrt.tv says:

a review coming later in november

fish fingers says:

cheap, what because u can see the bare carbon fiber tub? 25k … how much
is the Tesla again?

Ausfahrt.tv says:

Thank you for your subscription. We try to cover German cars with English
reviews as well, please be patient, there will be some reviews in German
language only.

Ausfahrt.tv says:

Thank you. You did see the acceleration clip:
youtube.com/watch?v=MwqweFADPwg ? I like the idea of a whole new car
concept. For sure it is not menat to be a car for everyone, but an
interesting vehicle for megacities and the car sharing idea. With an 50 kW
charging station, it takes about 30 Minuten to charge the car up to 80% –
says BMW in the press release.

Ausfahrt.tv says:

I do believe that the range in not really the problem when you look at the
areas where they want to sell those cars – megacities.

usksonic says:

You can’t roll down the rear windows!!!

Nichen says:

Wow! I’m impressed by this car! I like it.

Ausfahrt.tv says:

Yes, and walking is better than biking. But we are car guys and love it :)

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