2014 BMW i3 review

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The BMW i3 is BMW’s first mass production all electric car. This compcat electric car has a 160km range on full-electric power. The same interior size as a BMW 3 Series, the all-new BMW i3…


venom5809 says:

$50,000? Uh, no.

Torrey B says:

Why did it switch to Amsterdam at 6:20 ?

Andrew Chiu says:

Range seems too short

Shawn Currie says:

Wow that car is just horribly hideous. Also doesnt the leaf get like 100km
more range and is 4 years older. Anyways the interior is nice and spacious
at least.

Motormouth Canada says:

2014 #bmwi3 review. @bmwcanada. BMW’s first all electric mass produced car

soloryderrr says:

Why do all electric cars look like shit. Why not make a normal looking car
that is electric

GabrooSherPunjabDda says:

They could have at least made it look nice. 

Eric says:

I agree with you Zack, the top of the dash and door are… yeah
unattractive lol there’s no other way to put it. But overall, the whole
package seems nice & refine.

Chris Chowi says:

With all the options I am sure it will top 55k in Canada.

Ivan Vojt says:

Didn’t realize your had to let the 2nd row out. Also it has a “frunk” and
no it isn’t watertight.

For 40-50K’ish I better get a dam nice “frunk” shaped Ziploc bag!

sassynlovely says:

You actually have to see this car in person to appreciate its ‘unique’
looks. It’s not a traditional BMW but its an awesome ride. Don’t be too
quick to judge this one! I was… then I saw it and drove it and ordered
one on the spot! Trading my X6 for this. Call me crazy if you like. :)

david dykeman says:

Electric cars are way too early. I’ll keep with my gas powered cars. Even
with unlimited funds they are too funky.

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