2014 BMW i3 Test Drive & Review

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BMW is proud to introduce their most “eco friendly” car for the masses. Join Steve as he takes the BMW i3 electric car for a spin around town and then on a q…


Eric M says:

This is one ugly BMW….

Cornelius Maximillianus says:

OK I buy it this guy sold it to me 

Vincent Dale says:

You made the review fun Steve

chili24137 says:

This is a pretty good step forward towards what cars will be looking like
in the future, looks very science fictiony, but it’s reality!

VolkswagenGamer says:

Honestly I like the design of it. I think the roofline could have been
sleeker but it looks good in real life.

Kev50027 says:

Great review, but the color on the camera you mounted in the car is way

branded says:

Great review and very entertaining.loooking forward to your next video.
Love from Singapore. 

Mert Hasyer says:

Despite the car, great review Steve. Having the ability to be both
informative and entertaining is a quality of yours that we come here to
watch and i think there is a strong case that you may well be making the
best car reviews out there!

I look forward to each and every one of your reviews with high hopes even
though they are uploaded every now and again. Despite being in London i
hope one day i can meet you at the dc autoshow in the coming years.

Tian Cai says:

Return of the King. I started watching his videos back in school and years
later still addicted to his car reviews. I happened to went to Alexandria
one time last year and the first thing I thought about was visiting Steve
(though didn’t know where he is chillin’ lol).

The nicest guy in the Youtube comments section says:

Damn you Steve! Every car that you present, you sell it to me easily. Now I
am in huge debt and I must start selling my organs. Thanks Steve.

man0z says:

This video is made even better by the prelude to Bach. Yo-Yo Ma I take it?

Timothy Schmitz says:

I understant that you are producing videos for these car dealerships, but
I’d really like to see a Model S P85D review from you. Would be totally

ranerk inasa says:

thats the problem right there, three and a half hours to charge?! or 20 at
home thats crazy! what if u need the car right away? its only 5min with

plt tn says:

Steve I just wanna say that I love the way you review cars. Keep it up !

DeVron001 says:

Great review, you answered every single question I had about this car.
Going from cabin isolation, sound system to the range. Thanks for this
great video, I’ll be looking for electric cars in the near future!

themafia69 says:

I love your jokes, and your ability to bullshit on the spot. Thumbs up!

SzyMen says:

I think you are one of the few people that can be both cocky and likeable;)
Keep it up Steve!

Adam Esposito says:

BMW can suck it. You should do a review on the Tesla model s P85D! Way
better. And free!!

kenbefound says:

Steve is pretty cool, car….not so much ;)

thedon008 says:

Is there a Tesla review on the horizon? The P85D would be great to see,
since it’s the fastest.:D

Macintosh247 says:

Alexandria Virginia?! That’s where I’m from :D keep up the good work!

jungle jingle says:

You guys made this car look
nice with all those great angles, nice review.

Bart McClain says:

appears to be roomy on the inside and the dash is very modern in

Cameron McIntosh says:

Did you really just sell me on a weird looking electric BMW? You need to be
a car salesman..

steve9509 says:

I hated this car at first and I must say it has grown on me a lot!

JA Johnson says:

Great review Steve! Spot on with the details. The car is not for everybody,
but I smile every time I drive it

Cased Melon says:

I wish you’d do more reviews. Best reviewer on youtube by far

jkmsaturn says:

Good, thorough review of a unique car – thanks for the video.

Mert Hasyer says:

Steve, Jay Leno and Chris Harris off of /drive woud make the perfect
threesome for top gear US don’t you think ? 

Ismail Bahhane says:

Best reviewer ever, Bmw i3 nah

Vaishakh Garg says:

Fine job with the direction!

Best Cars says:

please, subscribe me :(

The Duke of Deanwood says:

Racing the Orange line to Vienna?

Kevin Gomez says:

Steve, do you like tycho?

Johannes Gahara says:

Sweet! Thanks Steve

WarHammer1911A1 says:

I really wish they’d put a V12 in it.

david dykeman says:

Excellent review. My fuel/gas is paid for as part of my job. With this I’d
be paying much higher electric bills monthly. This would be a good car for
my wife. 

Akiff Hssn says:

Audi a3 sedan sline 

Mert Hasyer says:

I’m all for bmw but that interior…. Couldn’t have done worst myself if i
tried. I’ll have you compare the interior to a 6 series. 

spit fire says:

Tesla > BMW 


Well Said..

Valeriy Lopatin says:

nice battery car, looks better from inside, rear doors from mazda rx-8 :P

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