2014 BMW i8 Full Review, Exterior & Interior, Pure Impulse Edition

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Official Website: http://www.happyrider2011.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Happyrider2011 The 2014 BMW i8 Color we’re looking at in this video is cal…


silversleeper484 says:

Nice video bro… Can you please tell me why this needs a plug in if it is
a gas electric car? I guess I am kinda confused because I think the Prius
is just gas and go or am I mistaken? Since it is plug-in does it have the
option to just run on the battery? If so how many miles do they say you
can driver on it before the gas engine kicks in?´╗┐

Steven Parris Ward says:

A great review as always from HappyRider2011.´╗┐

HappyRider2011 says:

2014 BMW i8 Pure Impulse Edition´╗┐

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