2014 BMW i8 Full Review

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n a word, intriguing. You bring the i8 to life by pushing a ‘start button’, triggering an electronic ‘bong’ as the dash springs to life in front of you. Pull…


Gold63Beast says:

So basically “laser” technology is… a fancy way of saying high beam. Smh!
another example of marketing tactics at its best! 

isurfu2ube says:

Amazing Car !!

Nvr Giri says:

Guys if you like the song here is the link for it….

Best Liu says:


Paul Hogue says:

the audi a7 sportsback drives by its self and parks its self.

David SinPin Lai says:

Side view reminds me of ferrari :)

Subah AL-Rashed says:

Ugly wheeeeels Ugly Ugly Ugly ;0′p~

danail asenov says:

Qka mashina imámgo sa6toto

พัทธ์วงศ์ ไวยเขตการณ์ says:


uriah heep says:

Who is the performer in the end?

Nvr Giri says:

Anyone know what song is that at 12:30… Please let me know

David Bradley says:

he says dynamic 942 times.

Emil Blixt says:

But is it dynamic?

Jilla os says:

what is the song at 12:20 ?

djep tkang92xxxxx says:

dep wa ………

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