2014 BMW i8 – WR TV POV Test Drive

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Read our written review on the BMW i8 here: http://www.windingroad.com/articles/reviews/driven-bmw-i8/ 2014 BMW i8 Price: $135700 (base), Engine(s): Turboch…


Winding Road Magazine says:

Keep an eye out on http://www.windingroad.com for our written review on the
BMW i8 in the next couple weeks.

sfflyer123 says:

That car has nothing on the Telsa. It’s still a hybrid, but the model S is
all electric. The i8 also costs more money, but doesn’t perform as well.

ThatAlexKid says:

Sounds pretty nice for a 3 Cylinder!

Brandon Smith says:

A privilege riding with Bradley that afternoon! The BMW i8 feels just as
great in the passenger seat as it does the driver seat.

David MuscleGuy says:

to the channel that doesn’t answer to their subscribers. how does feel?
what can you tell us about it like the way it handles,sound…

Toxxic1548 says:

I hope you’ll do the BMW M4.

Mina Botrous says:

For the people saying they like the sound of this 3 cylinder; its a fake
sound coming through the speakers. Sounds good nonetheless and good looking
too. Definitely not worth the price tho.

Nathan Cantwell says:

To bad he’s driving in the states, but none-the-less impressive. Can anyone
say Autobahn. 2014 BMW i8 – WR TV POV Test Drive:

Даниил Абдулин says:

Такая машина будет создавать множество аварий на дорогах первое время, ведь
натуральное НЛО =)

FiredEmpire says:

the interior looks disappointingly cheap :/

stephane matis says:

+Paul Chiu here is your hug worthy car… from the driver’s seat.

Peter Griffin says:

where was this video shot?

theokan89 says:

The future is here. Thank you bmw.

Johnmark Odeh says:

Who is the woman next to you?

bmwmsport11 says:

The overall interior shape reminds me of a Prius, not flagship BMW.

Why dont they just put in a V8 from the M-Division? its been a while since
BMW made a flag ship sports coupe. like 10 years.

楊誠詳 says:

A modern indicator

Adam Kowal says:

co oni testuja samochody czy jak widzialem ziomek ma jakis notes :D

TheEryk03 says:

The fake sound is overdone

john smith says:

Nice car,video too,and Well skilled driver well done !

Pazkizzle says:

I just jizzed my pants

Yu Ka says:

I think it”s a bad driver :)

FieldsBMWNorthfield says:

Great video! Definitely one to share. Have a look at a BMW i8 in the wild
and having just arrived –> [ http://youtu.be/fbHAwdtdZWc ] Please Like and

INumba1Stunna says:

Many people don’t like the car’s interior from the looks of the car. I
think it looks amazing tho. :D

Randy Barley says:

Did you just board a spaceship?

BAMDonked says:

I drive up Piuma all the time with my bimmer ;)

il Pirata says:

interni da sogno

Brett G says:

Another hybrid toy for the rich that won’t sell well. When someone makes
an all electric coupe that’s 40-50k & good looking THAT will be the game
changer for the masses. Cars like this do not appeal to guys who can buy
much faster sports cars in the same price range.

Ronald Simon says:

nice car but $135,700 price hell no. i’d rather get an ///M car with that

Adrian Stovell says:

its so weird not hearing any engine noise when the car accelerates .. feel
as though my speakers are on low

Chinmay Kayande says:

The sound that comes from the car, is that the exhaust (if it has one) or
is that sound from the speakers?


sounds nice for me

Dan Frederiksen says:

btw the use of the artificial engine sound is a celebration of their

20sentryboy says:

Pointlessly expensive car. Dash is weird and ugly. And will cost a fortune
to repair if something goes wrong. Formula 1 is completly shite now with
these hybrid engines they use. They’re fine in a smaller less demanding car
but a sports car just ain’t right without a powerful torquee petrol engine
powering it. Can’t see em selling many i8s. 

GrammerNazi7481 says:

I’m getting this for my birthday next month I was meant to be getting the
Ferrari 458 Italia but my dad says I have to wait until I’m 21. He can be
such douche sometimes I mean what’s the difference in getting it now or
getting it in 3 years.

rockster103 says:

Can you please upload a city drive version of this video

ikra says:

I want that 3 cylinder turbo in my Porsche

Ondraasha says:

This car is drop dead gorgeous.

FordTaurusSHO93 says:

I love the door chime…..and BLUE FUCKING SEATBELTS!!

Yippie says:

A little too quite for my liking. Half of the experience and fun is the
engine noise and exhaust note. 

Erik Prochnow says:

Next time wear nicer shoes. It’s an i8 for crying out loud.

Coman Bogdan says:

I like the landscape. What is the location? :P

Harris Anwar says:

looks alot like a concept 

Han Chen says:

Can you do one on Tesla Model S?

Harllshaw Tollins says:

How many voltage capacity that this car can carry?

Michael Jhonny says:

beautiful car, modern design, interns are the best ive seen…it would have
been better if all electric.

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