2014 BMW M235 Review

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The BMW M235 coupe replaces the very successful BMW 135i. This small sporty coupe might be a better BMW for the single person of professional couple. Small, …


647killa says:

Only way to drove a BMW, a proper manual with rear wheel drive. When the
time comes, I’ll probably trade my E46 M3 for one of this M235i with a 6
speed manual. You can say its the most ‘mechanical’ bmw you can get on 2014
and it looks awesome. And Zack, than you for telling ppl to use their
brains. My winter beater is an E46 328i, and with blizzaks, traction
control, and common sense, I’m unstoppable in Toronto snow. Though I don’t
understand why someone would buy such a car and use it in winter

Cameron Fraser says:

Back in the day? What about the M525i, M635i, and M135i? This is no

Slickpete83 says:

I heard we will get a x-drive 235i soon here in Canada , is this true ?
Also is dinan developing a stage 3 package for 2 series yet 

Shawn Currie says:

Great review!

Motormouth Canada says:

The #BMWM235 is a fantastic car. Less expensive, lighter and quicker than
the bigger 435. @bmwcanada

juschill7 says:

Hahah, “Use your brains!!” Amazing how many people do not do this. I owned
an 2009 128 while in Germany. Put some Blizzak winter tires on for the
winter and it was the best car I had ever driven in snow. Was even better
than my all wheel drive Ford Escape!

Lord Staind says:

Zack, why does all your reviews have to show a different car in a different
place. I would honestly prefer to see the current car you are driving and
the scenery around it. It would make it more enjoyable to watch.

Chris says:

i agree, why the M?

nickolastiguan says:

That rear headrest though…

Hitesh Bhagwani says:

An amazing fast little car, but no match to the 4 series in terms of looks
and that overall appeal. I’d rather spend that extra 10k and get xDrive. 

jrarael90 says:

Quick question M235 or S3??? 

angelo4ekkblack says:

Она ахуенна.

Chris says:

great review, i did not know that about 1 series reliability

Wheelwright PL says:

Please do your homework: you don’t get “much better power to weight” in
2-series because it weights almost as much as 3 and 4-series. Also you
don’t buy 4-series for “extra space in the back” because there is
considerably more headroom in 2-series. On the upside I liked clear
explanation why 8-speed automatic is superior.

Andrew Chiu says:

Cool car, I’m completely uninterested by the automatic’s efficiency, in my
view the strength of a great car is the driving experience, but I’m
probably in the minority

david dykeman says:

I’ll stick to my Audi AWD thank you.

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