2014 BMW M235i Coupe Review

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Compact, engaging and powerful. The E46 M3 reborn. http://www.autoguide.com/manufacturer/bmw/2014-bmw-m235i-review-video-3699.html Subscribe http://www.youtu…


AutoGuide.com says:

Watch our video review of the new BMW M235i

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AutoGuide.com says:

VIDEO: We drive the BMW M235i! It’s awesome!!!

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TekGeekHD says:

First, I’m usually not one to comment that, but this is a great video! :)

Michael Zubritsky says:

Yawn. Just another BMW. I’ll wait for the 2015 Mustang or hopefully the new
Mazda speed 6

idriwzrd says:

Slightly smaller and ‘only’ 100lbs heavier than an old M3? Thats not

bugattisteve says:

$44k…. Wtf in uk we pay £35k thats $57k…….

647killa says:

Beautiful. I shall have one with a manual gearbox. Can’t wait for an //M2
version. This is what the 3 series was. Fantastic video.

jagerx says:

A pedestrian, turbo-based BMW is nothing like a the high-revving, naturally
aspirated, motorsports inspired E46 M3. But more video hits, right? Not to
mention, it’s somehow heavier despite being smaller. What happened to the
weight loss initiative? Also, the 8sp automatic is NOT close to being a
proper DCT. It’s horrible laggy on downshifts and only properly upshifts
under significant load.

MrMK94 says:

+techdude6693 i feel this could replcae your 3 ;P 

sage11x says:

Rather have the 1 with the straight six while it’s still available. But
honestly, after driving it, I bought an FRS because it’s just more fun and
even more practical.

Slickpete83 says:

What is the curb weight of the 235i ???


When bmw sold the one series they said it was made after the 2002 made in
1968 40 years later ..now they are saying the same thing using the 2 series
..bad marketing trying to confuse their people.

Franklin Sponda says:

This Bimmer looks like a 2-door sedan instead of a proper coupe, such as
the 4-series. Nice front end, but dull rear view… Mechanically,

Djonkie Bonk says:

I prefer a 135i M Sport with the DCT. That car was proportional in looks
and felt like a go-kart in the turns, absolutely amazing handling. The car
was also quite refined once you ditched the RFTs. 

colenbrak says:

funny that we live in a world where the 235 is considered compact

pr0jectSkyneT says:

No limited slip diff i take it?

rick arias says:

Lunch for the CLA45 amg

bugattisteve says:

Ok i wont moan then, doesn’t put me off getting one tho.

Forrest Slater says:

Not as cool as the 135i 

TheCrystalyne says:

Its pronounced Cou-pay.

RabbitRacing09 says:

mini m3

Good guy Greg says:

I don’t like back face

Bavariauto.com says:

This is an immediate miss for BMW. The shape/lines of the car resemble the
3rd generation Ford Escort Coupe and that’s not a good thing. Minus the
difference in the front fascia and rear lights, it looks just like it. Not
to mention no limited slip diff and no real M suspension components. Bring
back the 1M!


The most exciting aspect of this BMW is the handling. It’s point and shoot
accurate and is a blast to drive!

Moby Dick says:

Based on the way it looks, the 2 series is going to cut into 3 and 4 series

XxMrLimeyxX says:

I wish they made a 2 series with x drive.

benzfen says:

I can’t get it – why the hell you would buy small sport coupe with
automatic transmission THIS CAR SHOULD BE MANUAL!!!! If someone pretend to
love driving and buy a spot car for that but with automatic it is just a
vagina on a 4 wheel!!!!

linkxx11 says:

I don’t really get why, but the new 2-series really gives me a vive of the
pre-E46 times of the 3-series. I really like it. 

Jesus Paras says:

wow like the the e46? i’m in 

bobkilla430 says:

Good looking car. As others have said, it looks similar to the e46 and
looks to be about the same or possibly even better performance of the e46
m3. (Because of the extra torque, maybe better suspension tech and maybe a
stiffer chassis) still it’s going to be around $50,000 with options. Ride
feel also seems to be improved which I have read, has been somewhat lost
over the years at bmw because of things like weight. The only direct
competitor I see is the new audi s3 and I think it starts about the same
price. On paper and video, I would pick the m235i if I had to choose. The
audi tt, tts, and benz cla45 amg IMO are also going to be competitors in
luxury. The m235i does seem to have upgraded interior and looks better to
be better build quality over the benz. (Not sat in the amg, but the cla250
and it is def a cheaper interior then other mercs, its fwd and heavier) a
poster said he is gonng to also look at the sti and new mustang. The
mustang gt will have no problems in the stright and will be interesting
with the irs, and weight loss. I don’t see it having the better feeling car
to drive, will be lacking in interior refinement, bit will be a great bang
for the buck. I imagine very fun to drive as well. The 135i I be,ieve is
holding its value well because there was not too many shipped to the

arion45 says:

I will need to wait and see more videos and for the gt350 to come out.

Armin DeFiesta says:

Starting around $44k? I’ll take one in Estoril Blue ;)

Mason Bonds says:

Where the hell is Colum Wood?!?!?!?

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