2014 BMW M235i review

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Take a spin in the M235i with me. I think this car is often over looked because it is priced so closely to the 435i.


TheGetawayer says:

Great review Nick ! Of the whole BMW range this is my personal favourite.
Too bad BMW Germany won’t let me review one

Boris Artemyev says:

Hi Nick,
I am gladly surprised to see the review up so quickly )))
I am glad you liked the car, and there are good points on its weight and
driving dynamics from the audience.
I think BMW is a bit confused with all the new company paradigm – aside
from the M division, they’ve dampen the soul of the brand.
I did like your M4, but it did feel big, even though it handles like a
smaller car.
If I stay with the BMW brand most likely my next car is going to be an M2,
unless I decide I want to get married, have kids and retire in FL :))))

Tuddec says:

You do realise that you can get a different color trim than the blue, and
that you can get the M steering wheel on a regular 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/X5/X6
Also, you always say that you prefer the leather on M cars, rather than
non-M. Isn’t it that you like Merino leather more than Nappa/Dakota leather
(which you can get on non-M BMWs too)?

Ryo Miyaichi says:

I cannot wait for the 2016 BMW M2!

Filip Sandberg says:

You got the passenger seat heater on full blast mate :P

phototristan says:

It’s interesting that the 1 series was such a failure. 

xi zhou says:

I’ve been looking for some outfit like you’re wearing in this video. Can
you let me know the brand or even the article# if possible? Plus, what
watch are you wearing? Hope you don’t mind my asking so stupid and personal
questions. I am a BMW fan as well and my ride is E84 X1 with manual
transmission. Hopefully one day I can afford a car like this. You just
can’t imagine how expensive it is to afford such a car in China. Almost
double of $43,000. Anyways, enjoy your cars review and its becoming a habit
to check if anything new coming from time to time even if there’s
notifications. LOL. Have a great day. 

Tuddec says:

“bright orange cars are for orangutans” OMG you killed me Nick. Great
review btw, and the picture at the end is interesting, because it’s both
sublime (two excellent, elegant cars) and funny (the gorillas).

subaruwrxfan says:

Good review Nick! I like this car, and it’s size and lightness, but I still
think it’s in a tough price bracket. I think I’d prefer a 228 myself if I
was going with a 2 series. I think it would have enough power and be much
cheaper, even after you option it up.

Kaisuke971 says:

“240kw 450nm In the real world”
In the real world it’s 320hp 450nm :D 

Chad Steelmon says:

Hey mate don’t look now but you got an Ape in the back seat!

Grant Goodman says:

Great review of a fantastic car. I think this car and likely the coming M2
is my pick of the current BMW range. I hate how big modern cars are
getting, I loved the size of my e46, and I have the immediate predecessor
to this car the 135i with an M sport pack. It also had a lot of performance
goodies that you couldn’t get on the bigger 3 series, like 6 piston front
brakes and the DCT, I absolutely love the car. I’ve always been the biggest
BMW fan which makes me sad to say that I hate almost every car they make
right now, what with all the silly x4, x6, 2 series “active tourer”, 3 and
5 series GT, and all that nonsense polluting their once very simple and
pure model lineup. So I’m glad BMW still makes a couple really good
enthusiasts cars, staying true to their roots of the ultimate driving

David Singer says:

Nick, if driving the M4 or the 911 makes you feel like a dick on so many
occasions that you rather go on dates in your VW Golf, why don’t you
purchase a classy sedan like the new Audi S6 or BMW 550i and get the best
out of both worlds – elegant understatement and fun whenever you’re in the

Charles Austin says:

If there were Nick Murray merchandise I would totally buy it

amanullang says:

Hey Nick, could you perhaps do a video on the benefits/drawbacks of leasing
vs buying luxury cars, in a similar as ur self, where you might be looking
to replace ur car every 3-4 years or so and get the next best thing the
industry has to offer, 3 or 4 years down the road. I’d like to hear ur
take. thanks for considering.. love the unscripted reviews. i feel like
watching Top Gear New Zealand: The Extended Cut :)

Guy Random says:

Unbelievable car!

Happy Idiot says:

For anyone that can do arithmetic, the M235i is a clear winner over the
435i in terms of value.

For those who think that the 435i is only $3k more than the M235i, hahaha,
compare the spec sheets of both cars.

Blackthump says:

I drove the M235i a while ago. If you’d ask me the car is way to heavy to
be fun.
It’s quite ok on the german autobahn, since it’s performance in straight
lines is good, even though it tends to be unstable at higher speeds (over
200 KM/h) an it’s terrible on B roads. Cornering is no fun at all.
I do hope the M2 comes with a 4 cylinder high revolving engine (8500 RPM
:-)), 340 BHP and only about 1250 KG of weight.
Most likely BMW will stick to a 6 cylinder, maybe with 360 BHP and
unfortunately something in the 1500+ KG range.
Cheers Oliver

George Will says:

Another great review, thanks! I’m not sure if we need the “bubble” humor
(my opinion)… could you tell me what type of black wheels those were-
brand? Thanks! g-

LTIgaming says:

What do you mean with occasion that you rather go with your Golf? Like
family meetings? 

Will Carter says:

Hey those gorillas look like my next door neighbours!!! 

Joe Berkeley says:

Good review, Nick. The wife used to drive a BMW 330ci. After it was
totalled in a freak accident involving a bridge, a chunk of ice, and a
near-death experience, she opted for the Audi A4. The interior really is
head and shoulders above the BMW. I love BMW’s motors, but she fell for the
styling of the Audi. No regrets. It has been a great car and the dealership
experience was quite civilized. Keep up the good work. I’d love to see you
review some vintage stuff, like a 911SC. Also looking forward to your next
car purchase. Your P-car experience shook me to the core.

Imad S says:

That’s an awful lot of rev hang at the beginning of the video.

mowglilp says:

Really enjoyed this one Nick, good on ya mate! That sock trapped by the
trunk though with a shoved microphone down it’s throat? that motor
journalism at it’s best! I would like to have some stats included as well
like 0-100, top speed, MPG, suspension setup, brake characteristics and so
on, I think that would be really cool. Sure, we can look that up ourselves,
but it makes it much more convenient to have it on screen. cheers

PS wish it had the steering wheel with the shift lights, not that I fancy
it too much, but then again I didn’t see a review on that, showing it’s
features and so on, but from afar, it really looks bulky and oddly shaped. 

scanspeak00 says:

I’d like to see an improved interior in terms of styling. The Merc C class
sets the standard.

Michael Nguyen says:

The front looks nice, the rear, designer feel asleep.

Terra Ramos says:

Best car reviewer on youtube! 

Michał Fułek says:

Hey Nick!
I’m sorry for repeatting my question but I’m really interested in how you
make and prepare your videos. I would appreciate if you could share with me
what program do you use to put all this material together:)

Greetings from Poland, great review!
Lovely car, but if I were to buy something at this price range I would go
for Golf R.

tyler951 says:

Thinking this is what ill move into in a couple of years when I move from
my 330ci ZHP

KingPNW says:

The stock wheels on the M235i don’t look much better than those winter
wheels. Great review, Nick!

sinoperture says:

Cars are sooooooo chew in the USA! My God.

A.T.1357 says:

Dude, you are a review machine. I don’t know how you find the time… As
long as you’re taking requests, can I put in a request for an A7 review? 

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