2014 BMW M235i vs 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG! – Head 2 Head Ep. 53

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Fast, small German cars are back with a vengeance on this episode of Head 2 Head! Join host Jonny Lieberman as he compares and contrasts the Mercedes-Benz CL…


Motor Trend Channel says:

The latest Head 2 Head has Jonny Lieberman handing the keys to the M235i
and CLA45 AMG over to Randy Pobst for some hot laps around Streets of
#BMW #mercedesbenz #head2head 

trevor philips says:

kinda sad the amg was worse than a 235i sure its a 10nth of a secnd faster
here or there but it has more power and awd i cannot wait for the m2 its
going to destroy the amg

ciph3ro says:

The 235i looks like a lot of fun but RWD disqualifies it for me.

Need AWD and the interior for the CLA seems much nicer. Looking at it to to
replace the WRX STI in a couple of years.


Quick question for you guys, need a nice 2 door coupe that performs (for my
canyon runs) and looks great. Which one?
- BMW 435i
- CLA45 AMG (it’s 4 door but looks coupish)
- 2015 Mustang GT track pack
- Lexus RC350

Which would you have? 

AndreH5656 says:

so, the BMW stops faster but the mercedes has better brakes? oO

Benjamin Skypeck says:

the mercedes is from the amg division of mercedes so its enhanced but the
bmw is from bmw

hairlesheep says:

Merc looks better and is faster. Merc please!!

Steven Ferguson says:

CLA45 again. The Bmw M235i did feel a little better in the track, but had
bad break. The CLA45 with AWD had some understeer, but faster around the
track and and in the straight line. The problem with Bmw is Mercedes have a
killer line up, i’m talking S65, SLS BS, SL65BS, C63 BS, A45, CLA45, SLK55,
GLA45, S-coupé, AMG GT, G65, G63 6X6, E63-S, CLS63-S , GL63, GLK63, CL65
just too much fire power when compare to Bmw. This M235i is as Randy
mentioned is BMW best car in a longtime, my favorite was the E46 M3. 

Richard Åsberg says:

Any chance for a review of the xDrive version of the M235i in a near

박휘수 says:

I like BMW much more than mercs. (If it was m5 vs e63 i would choose mercs.
But small cars? Nah bmw’s better in my opinion.) but sadly, in my country,
mercs is only available option. BMW doesn’t sell 235 in Korea. 

nikoletina1994 says:

The Mercedes looks way better, what are you talking about?

Kian Palmer says:

Mercedes simply updated the transmission’s firmware for me and now it
shifts fast :D

Patricio Gonzalez says:

Can somebody tell me what the name of the song is from 1:20 to 1:40? Tnx!

fugu fugu says:

BMW looks cheap as fuck ..i drive F30 328i and i feel like the interior
materials are made for something below 25K automobile ..fucking third class
recycle plastic everywhere …worst than pontiac sunfire 

ThornThom says:

this comparison seems to be a bit unfair to me. in my opinion the upcoming
m2 would be right car next to the merc. I bet BMW’s engine and braking
performance will wipe out its opponent. just can’t wait this battle.

08turboSS says:

Put the 135′s 6-piston pots on and another 15hp/15tq and the 235 would be
fun. The CLA45 is nice, but small inside. Slow throttle response from the
CLA45. It takes literally one full sec to respond to throttle input.
Honestly, the CLA feels much slower than the 235… Handles good. Back to
the 235, I’d swap some better pads on the brakes and you’d be good to go in
the 235. Johnny, test a AWD 235…. 

Benjamin S says:

When a non M BMW beats out a Mercedes AMG it becomes clear. Ultimate
Driving Machine. Sorry MB fan boys.

SurraDeBunda says:

both are winners because they’re not trash like audis

Ahmed Safwet says:

As a Mercedes guy I think the BMW made a hell outta car and it’s freakin
awesome… But I just like the body of the Merc and the brutality of it so
I ‘ll just go with the A45

Narrow Lanes says:

Which would you rather have?

#BMW #M235i or #mercedesbenz #CLA45 #AMG

TheJoeMB says:

The Beemer sounds way better. The Merc isn’t ugly, standard CLA maybe but
as an AMG it looks quite good. 

AssociatedTechnology says:

Such poor performance from German Engineering. I am talking about

mykul koplan says:

What’s with the Subaru at the end? I thought he said FASTER than the

Kaipeternicolas says:

Oh and AMG transmissions have NEVER been good. So I don’t know why suddenly
this is emphasized on. There is not ONE AMG that has a decent tranny.

Sandra Rios says:

First of all, GET TO IT MOTOR TREND! Do one of your epic drag races between
the hybrid-hypercars. Line up a P1, a 918, and a LaFerrari (you could even
line up an i8 to bring up the rear) and get the 0-60, 0-100, X-Y mph times
of the cars and their speeds after the standing mile. MAKE IT HAPPEN
ALREADY! It’s what everyone wants to see finally.

About the video, BMW needs to stop with the M235i this and M135i that.
Either have the series cars or the M versions. No in between. It just makes
the M division look bad. That being said, I agree, the current generation 1
series has been ugly-fied from the perfect looks of the first gen cars.
Particularly the first gen 1M. That car was the true descendant of the
original E30 M3, with gorgeous looks, the right size and proportions, just
with 2 extra cylinders and turbocharged. The M2 is still a little tiny bit
on the big side to be considered as a descendant of the E30 M3. And like
everyone knows, the behemoth M3/4s would have been the right size to be 5
series cars back then.

And I have to disagree about the looks of the CLA. While I think going AWD
instead of RWD was a mistake, it has the same cool look of an old CLS and
some nice taillights and rear fascia. The punctuated rear was considered
pretty on the CLS, so why not with the CLA?

But drivetrain and performance-wise, for my money, I’d have to go to the
BMW dealership because it’s RWD, a nice size, and cheaper. But the price
would be different anyway because I’d go with a full-bore M2. Again BMW,
stop slapping M badges on cars like this and putting the letter M before
135i, 235i, etc. Enough with the half-way business.

Just my two cents. But please, pretty please, make that epic drag race
happen. Everyone is waiting for a true head-to-head P1, 918, LaFerrari
video. Give the audience what it wants!

manuel collado says:

I’m starting to get tired of car reviews that focus on how cars handle on a
race track when 90% of people who drive them will use them for commuting.
How about real world driving tests? 

FIFAracer says:

I don’t get the end. Why would someone choose a sti over a premium sedan in
this test? People who buy a m235i or a cla 45 amg won’t like childish car.

hershy314 says:

Personally I’d go with the AMG. I like the looks better, plus the AWD is
nice to have in the area I live. Good brakes are also important around
here, people will just pull out in front of you with no regard to your

Doniyorbek Abdullaev says:

Good review, but disliking this video because you called CLA 45AMG an ugly
car….Like really??!!! How dare you?!!! It’s one of the most dynamic,
aggressive looking and beautiful cars in its price range. Thumbs up to

doubletapproductions says:

If only that Suub had a Dual Clutch! Instead of a CVT! Hah!

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