2014 BMW M3. BMW M4 Full Review

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2014 BMW M3. BMW M4 Full Review One with the machine. Get a glimpse of the the all-new BMW M3 Sedan (F80) and the first-ever BMW M4 Coupé (F82). This is the …


kraenk12 says:

there haven’t been any reviews yet! fake!

devdeng says:

i like the new headlights….looks super aggressive!

Mike Cid says:

soooo an M4 is a rebadged M3 coupe? and why an inline six? BMW took a huge
leap back on this and the cars are going to be extremely over priced.

NeptuneKnives . says:

sexy but a little chubby lol


Im more of a porsche guy, but if I ever get a bmw m car would be for the v8
sound of the engine, now going back to 6 its very sad I feel bad for you m
car guys

Ameer khan says:


mangoKush12 says:

the m4 might be the nastiest car of all time

skylineXpert says:

we get it with a manual and a normal handbrake. configuration mode on bmw.dehas been released.

hear that mercedes. give us a normal handbrake

J Yu says:

The first dude looks like Mr. Despicable Me. 

Jeremey Allen says:

Looks nice, sounds horrible.

Kingsley Mpofu says:

People first complained when BMW made the V8 now people are complaining
when BMW are going back to the original straight 6, no pleasing some

CarandRacer says:

I honestly like the new M3. But when they start saying it’s the “best” of
this and that – it really isn’t the case.
Car – November issue – review on the new BMW M4;
From Albert Beirmann – M Division VP – speaking about the new M4;

“There’s almost nothing else like it for the price. Okay you have the
Nissan GTR, but everyone finds it difficult to compete with that”


demoskunk says:

“Full Review”, lol! This is just a long advertisement. Change the name of
the video, jackass.

TeK RaVeN says:

Sorry BMW. I rather stick with the 2009-2010 M3 with that Natural Aspirated
V8 :-p

Paul Optional Siegfried says:

M4 is a surprising amount wider and lower than the M3

Tomislav Zvonimir says:

I can only smile at bmw’s shitboxes.. Merc>Audi>> bmw

Nick G says:

sound will not be as strong as the v8, mabye no turbos on this inline six

Luk Wisnie says:

carbon reinforced PLASTIC roof? can someone explain to me why there is
plastic and is it safe in a rollover?

Kevin Daskal says:

Anyone who has either driven or experienced a BMW inine engine will tell
you that, although there’s no replacement for displacement, the BMW inlines
(especially the 3.2L CSL) are incredible and reliable engines that are on
the same level as your 2JZs and RB26s… you would have to either drive or
ride in an E46 or similar vehicle to understand this…

simo karra says:

2014 BMW M3. BMW M4 Full Review

Marius S says:

new bmw’s (from e90 on) are like dead people….only the eyes remain
recognizable….i’m proud of my e46 328ci LINE 6 ASPIRATED!!!

jonny5777 says:

Why choose that shit colour for the m4?! M3 looks amazing though just a
shame the V8 only had a short life 

adam muirhead says:

e46 m3 all the way

Nolens Volens says:

This is a review? this is an ad for the car. An 11 minute waste of time.
Pure B.S.
And for the knuckleheads that are kvetching about returning to a 6 cyl.
they don’t know diddly about what makes a car great. ALL 911 Porsche’s
since the 912 have been 6 cyl. and no one seems to be bitchin’ about that,
and a BMW 6 cyl is every drop as good, if not better than a 6 cyl Porsche
motor. 6 cylinders make for a lighter car and with it better balance,
better placeability, better handling and not one iota in loss of
acceleration. I have owned both and both are terrific. Right now I am
more enthralled with the 911 twin turbo, mostly because, even though it
does not handle quite as well, it is faster and most importantly it is both
AWD and a lot smaller (BMW 3 / 4 series are just too damn big. Who the
hell wants to carry all that mass around, no matter how well it handles!).

Madara uchiha says:

Where is the V8 :ooo .. BMW E60 M5 <3

drew hawk says:

honestly IDC if its a v8 and a v6 both sound damn good, i would take the 6
with turbos since it give you the power of the v8 and you get gas mileage.
But you also have great sound as well, I can’t complain that v6 is nice

commandercool1983 says:

Why don’t they have GERMANS doing this instead of the English??

AS407 says:

Definitely buying the M3 – can’t get my head or tongue around this M4 story
wtf BMW?

Highly Porsche says:

absolutely love the M3 sedan

rod abmrd says:

To FFJHILL: you want a twinturbo v8? Get an m5/m6. You really want a ttv8
m3/4? Start recycling, turn off the the light in the empty room, stop
running the water while you shave/brush your teeth, stop being wastefull
and aloof. Oh and also don’t have kids. We have enough famous people in the
world. I hope the next m3 is a t4cyl-hybrid/1200 kg car. It will get better
mpg/handling fun to drive and faster. 

Peter Laviolette says:

So dirty

Kamikaze Gorilla says:

Are these M’s series cars getting the same turbocharged inline 6′s that are
currently in the 335i and 435i? If so, that would be retarded.



Riko Simmo says:

Cant get down with the nose at side view. The rest looks great

CM PUNK says:

im my country israel they take more 54% from the price of any car.
so in my country if your buying an M3 it’s like buying an M5 or a GT-R :(

darksb3r says:

Full Review huh? I heard/saw no reviewing going on here. Maybe a full

MisterOwlz says:

<3 hell yeah M4 please

Shawn Cheah says:

3 litre 6 cyl bi turbo. SOLD!

BMW please keep your 6 cyls. The sound and feel of it vs the 4 cyl. There’s
just no competition

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