2014 BMW M4 Coupe (F82) -Testdrive / Review / Hands-on Test (English)

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German Review of the BMW M3 Sedan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7uEQmskJSY Deutsche Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HW4pdg_bCM0 We had the chanc…


Ausfahrt.tv says:

6cylinders instead of an #V8 – still worth a loook and hear, I say YES! –
our review on the new 2014 +BMW #M4 #coupe 

Ausfahrt.tv says:

Pretty awesome ride – the new 2014 +BMW #M4 #Coupe – what do you think?

Ausfahrt.tv says:

What do you think about the new 2014 +BMW #M4 #Coupe?

Ausfahrt.tv says:

We had a chance to drive the all new 2014 +BMW #M4 #coupe – here is our +
YouTube #review in #english language (sorry for my very strong german

Eric Glueckert says:

Good to see that they’re not using an electronic hand brake.

trevor philips says:

Noooo the. 4 series doesn’t hand u your seat belt!!! One of my favorite
features of the three series coupe was that t handed me my seat belt idk
why …whenever I drove my friends e92 335i I always said thank you as the
car gave it to me ha

Louis Smith says:

Just a little bit ha ha..Finally a talk and video review without the
typical Smoking tires, and drifting oh yeah this car is great chatter,
honestly it is cool but it is getting old now. and it answered all of my
questions of personal Height lol I am 5’11 WIN!!!! Good Job +Ausfahrt.tv.

Powaup says:

Thorough review. good job. would you pick up a benz c63 507 or this M4?

drdj69 says:

great review

Alex Beckett says:

I have to say, you English is very good.

ki flex says:

very good ..review man well done …i enjoyed the video alot thanks

phrozen06 says:

great unbiased review

Qaomtar says:

yasmina track is not in dubai. it is in abu dabhi.

ravesilly says:

I really dont understand why people hate this car. It truly is

Patrick Michael says:

Yeah. I won’t be having that much trunk space in my ///M4 Cabrio. And, I’m
fine with that. :-)

chicolatinochevere says:

Nice review.Good Job buddy.The best review in english.

Freeman miracle says:

Great review on both M3 and M4. Thanks.

UFOz8MyGoat says:

did he say not ass fart tv?

mcclayn08 says:

M sriii hahahaha vollidiot :D

Rod Jenx says:

brilliant review thanx 

Matthew Denis says:

Great Video!!!

Torpedoes Photon says:

Love the car, sounds badass . Thanks for the English review.

Tommy Tjoa says:

AssFart tv awesome

garytanaka says:

Your English is far better than my German!

George Scarlateanu says:

BMW the first to introduce head-up display? what about Chevy Corvette C5 in

Vladislav Belyakov says:

Great job, guys! Very detailed and interesting review that really tells you
a lot about new M4…Keep it this way.

LeilaMurka says:

Excellent video. Great English!!! Thanks for doing one video in English.
Excellent review.

goon says:

Good review. Great job guys! Especially like the clip @ 20:40 :D I will now

L412 says:

Great review.

plt tn says:

it was a GREAT review

karl karlsberg says:

it sounds horrible!

Lawspec says:

Thank you for the English review!

BMW Gram says:

To get out of my E92 M3 and go for this…?

MrJBJ93 says:

will there be a gran coupe of the M4 ? 

Alex Rivera says:

Great review, and thanks for showing all parts of the car. Your English is
good! Thinking on switching my M3 E92 ZCP 2011 for this, or wait till Im
done paying it and buy the new M4 to keep both.

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