2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe: The Best M Money Can Buy? Ignition Ep. 72

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On this episode of Ignition, Jonny Lieberman gets behind the wheel of the newest M to grace the BMW lineup, the 2014 M6 Gran Coupe. It’s big, it’s powerful a…


Nunya Dambidnis says:

he doesn’t know what he is talking about. I bought an M3 before I even
looked at any other cars. The M3 is fast but the interior is sub par for
the amount of money I spent. The Lexus IS has one of the best interiors but
it is too girlie. As far as Mercedes….anything other than the s550 and
you’re kidding yourself.

EmofacePS3 says:

manual transmissions may be a outdated technology but i cant drive an
its just too boring for me and im worried that if i had an automatic i
would fall asleep on the road so i stick with the more fun option

Stefan Irimescu says:

who the fuck is this guy to say that nobody uses manual gearboxes cause is
an old tech ????/

John Rambo says:

this fat ass just makes me angry with his dumb comments on the manual

Shawn Weed says:

I have an 2007 M6 Convertible and saw this car at the dealer when I got my
car serviced recently…It was stunning…just great presence. I also had
an E55 AMG and was looking at getting an E63. The Gran Coupe makes me
question my choice…The interior is gorgeous, but it’s the exterior that
really has me rethinking my options. The E63, from certain angles, has an
odd mix of angles and curves…The Gran Coupe has very classic
proportions…For those who say it’s not a drivers car…well…most sedans
aren’t, and that’s not why you buy them…If you want ultimate performance,
get a Caterham…or in my case…a Lotus.

jake smith says:

Its one thing to say the m6 is better than the m5 but saying the m5 is bad
is another 

R.M.O. el Amam says:

2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe: The Best M Money Can Buy?…:

nimajneb02 says:

at 1:37 you can clearly hear that the sound is of a V10, most likely an R8.
Come on MT… we are car enthusiasts, you can’t pull that shit. 

M Funf says:

Motor Trend, please stop permitting Lieberman to review BMW.

ewt415 says:

A H2H between this M6 Gran Coupe, CLS63 AMG, and the RS7 is long overdue.

juan tafoya says:

Panamera turbo s > Rs7 > M6 gran coupe 

MrBingping says:

Eh, I still like the e46 m3 the most

fahad choudhary says:

In Canada you can get a Mercedes sls AMG for 110 k like a year or two old

JamesJDMoe says:

This car is unbelievably sexy! BMW <3

chillbill216 says:

Hey dumbass in the video. U said ur colleague put an M5 on the dyno and it
put out 660 hp. So ur dumbass said u are drving a 660 hp car. Yet u are
driving a M6 not the M5. How can u not realise this. I could do a much
better video than u. U guys always get u facts messed up.

Kyle Simon says:

For Mr Liebermann.
What made you pick the gran coupe over the M6? It obviously wins in the
practicality department and of course there’s the “It’s a coupe oh wait no
it’s not!” factor. But as a long time six driver. I have a hard time
abandoning the purposeful, primal intent a “true” six-series has. I feel
the GC just sort of tries to shove its nose into the six segment like it’s
some PR rep trying to say that the six needs to be more family friendly.
To which all the 6ers in the room shout “That’s what the M5 is for!” and
hurl bottle cans at it until it leaves. But, having never driven a GC my
judgement is ignorant of its shining qualities which is why I asked why you
liked the GC better. 

Tomislav Zvonimir says:

The RS6,RS7 and probably S8 shits on this m6 and the m5 check out the
And if this is the best ‘m’ money can buy well.. hahahah bmw

Sugarcube Brah says:


Gheorghe Petean says:

The thing with the manual and automatik gear box is that,the automatik
changes much faster then eny human can do it in manual so it has no point
to have an maual today.and the automatik is really big fun.. is working in
manual automatik and is fast as it can be.. lots of fun. So for you guys
that think that auto is boring,you have to drive this thing before u talk
about it.

Lee Hoon says:

gran coupe is too big and long. ugly thing

ghost9119 says:

I have to say. You drive like a girl. 

Amir Hossein says:

The only problem is its a BMW, means no Quality ! After you bought it you
gonna have all the Electrical faults and warnings….plus are you telling
me it is better than a Panamera Turbo or even 4S ? 

Kris Schobben says:

tssss .. American reviews … this guy clearly doesn ‘t know a thing about
cars … he sounds like a hair dresser.

hirr1 says:

old BMW ‘s are Much better 

Chris Morris says:

I’m a bit confused. He mentions a colleague of his with an M5 which has 660
HP, and then ends up saying that he is driving a 660 HP car…?

Is this not an M6? Did the fact sheet not say 560 HP?

I’m not asking these questions to act like a dick, and I realize the M5 and
M6 have the same engine (thanks to comments below) but even still, the fact
sheet said 560? I don’t know much about these cars and am genuinely

trevor philips says:

Ummm chill bill you do realize the m5 and m6 share the same exact fucking
engine right? Dumbass

Cornelius Lister says:

This is probably my favorite beamer, but for that money I think I’d rather
have an Audi RS7.

wail yalichani says:

@ewt415 LoooooL the rs7 is tha best ! FUCK YOU ! m6 sucks …

Shibin Prasad says:

this guy sounds like Jonah Hill.. kinda irritate with the comment style..

Eurobahn Motorsports BMW-MINI Mercedes-Benz says:

Behold BMW M6 grand Coupe

Nirmal Krishnan says:

Ha ha ..The m5 doesn’t handle , this guy is hilarious . 

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