2014 BMW X3 REVIEW on Everyman Driver

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2014 BMW X3 28i First Drive & Review on Everyman Driver with Dave Erickson. Visit http://www.everymandriver.com/ Support the EMD Team with a $20 Gas Card via…


Everyman Driver says:

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Ernesto Ortega R says:


WorldOfIvillis says:

Why does the start have mitsubishi but have x3 review? o.o

Ryukachoo says:

i4′s are the best because they’re very easy to work on, since they make the
engine bay extremely spacious, changing the serpentine belt becomes a 20
minute job instead of 2 hours

sameer pawar says:

Hi Dave. Very nice review. Can you elaborate more on who should buy 35i and
if 28i is sporty and powerful enough for city dwellers. I live in bay area
and will be using my car 90% of time in bay area. I do not want to keep
thinking if only I could have purchased 35i but also do not want to burn a
deep hole in my pocket. 

greg dan says:

killer calves just saying

Kainj1000 says:

Golf Anyone

Everyman Driver says:

2014 BMW X3 xDrive 28i Review on Everyman Driver with @IMDaveErickson

XtaticVideo says:

where is a battery on this time?

XFR says:

Lies! We want WORSE mpg!

Featsy says:

I respectfully disagree with you. Hyundai/Mazda/Dodge/Chevy etc have very
modern interiors but the plastics look and feel cheap. This BMW interior is
getting a little dated (due to be replaced in next years model to what
we’re seeing now in the 2014 3 series) but it’s classic, simple, the
materials are high quality and will stand the test of time a lot better
than a lot of the overly stylised interiors we’re seeing from lower end

XtaticVideo says:

Stop this video and take Mazda

Japplesnap says:

Is there any way to disable that annoying “harp” tone inside all new BMWs?
Seriously, I find it annoying enough that it would make me not buy a new

Okoleiman says:

Dave is golfing ev’ry day.

sunsirel says:

I don’t know… it’s kind of bland. And no sports seats.

scoobasteve says:

I feel like BMW is starting to get lazy. It’s going to start biting them in
the ass eventually. Both Audi and Cadillac are making vehicles with better
interior and exterior designs and making them sportier to drive; usually at
a better price. I am shocked by the interior that this X3 has. It looks
like it could be from 10+ years ago.

xOrangeTiger007x says:

4:00 WTF did he just say?.. They are not people haulers? Going for a daily

Everyman Driver says:

@99JBG, You echo the words by other members of the EMD Nation… I will be
getting back to the old format. Thank you for your honest constructive
feedback – Dave

flexor212000 says:

I think the biggest part is taking a salesman for the drive. He’s hardly

Donny Ausby says:

I agree with you.

Herbert Boxman says:

BMW is getting lazy

Björn S says:

I drove the 35d last week. Amazing car.

dcpc08161992 says:

Engine bay looks a little empty… I think they can stuff a V6 in there

posro1988 says:

any diesels available?

venictos says:

good video

99JBG says:

I look forward to your detailed thoughtful reviews, and am glad/hopeful
that you’ll abandon this informercial style. I have the 3.5 M-Sport version
of the X3 – there’s a lot of good, less good and disappointing to discover,
and this effort missed most of it. We depend upon the detail, as our
real-life test drives are like the first half of your video – BMW rep often
present reciting sales tapes. I, for one, appreciate the old format.

Gene Lechien says:

I like this channel I get to see Spokane a lot

Bobby Bajwa says:

CX5 does not compete with this dumbass

DancinRandy54 says:

want some more driving impressions

posro1988 says:


Everyman Driver says:

@johnshu1988x, can you be more specific? And just for the record, I am not
paid by anyone to shoot and produce these videos. My thoughts and opinions
are my own. I look forward to your specific review updates – Dave

Everyman Driver says:

@Okoleiman, I haven’t golfed in about 4 years… sad, I know – Dave

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