2014 BMW X3 Review

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This film will explain you the new BMW X3 in detail. See the changes and the new features.


P1Fanatic says:

Assume the featured interior has the new mocha leather and sports seats

Daniel ilDanny says:

This looks more like a commercial, rather than a review… come on !

Han Wen Lai says:

This is beautifuuullllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

webera says:

I picked up mine just 2 weeks ago…

contrapuntalist@gmail.com says:

VersatAlity? The “present” appearance of the car? (You mean current?
Up-to-date? New? Modern?) N0w all parts are made out of high quality and
stand for robustness? (Made out of high quality WHAT?) That are introduced
now? Aluminium? (are you English?) This is such awful advertizing
gobbledegook language – sheesh! Who writes this stuff, Chris? Aren’t you
embarrassed to have to say these things? Almost discourages me from buying
this car. (But it is a nice car, I guess…)

Alexander Moncada says:

I love it

sskhaliq says:

thank god they’ve changed the god awful front lights of its previous 2013
model.. man talking about being bland as turd

Yogesh Ghatage says:

BMW class 1..cars ………2014 BMW X3 Review..

Fabrizio Cantaluppi says:

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