2014 BMW X5 Detailed Review and Road Test

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mountainhobo says:

+Alex on Autos If you were to buy out of your own pocket, which one would
you rather choose? This BMW X5 or Dodge Durango?

arfer says:

As usual, excellent review.

Zach Able says:

I like the last gen better..

kwk1 says:

Nice review Alex. I like the look of this ute a lot.

spacegreycoralred says:

I would have sworn that was Imperial Blue Metallic

bmt134 says:

Like your X1 and X5 reviews, any plans on the X3?

korintus nara says:

so you can’t lifted up the x5 if you want to go to a little bit rugged road

Logeman33 says:

I would consider the Durango an SUV 

JunTan Song says:

Awesome review! though i watched it AFTER i bought mine…but still a great
review! your videos made my car buying experience easier! 

Dongi says:

This car is smaller on the inside than the exterior would seem to suggest.
The X3 has pretty much nearly the same interior room? 

Theodore Bogart says:

What are your thoughts about the diesel engine option in a vehicle such as
this? Particularly if one was to own A vehicle over a term of 8-10 years.

718hudson says:

I’m a new subscriber love the review. I don’t like how the X5 has tons of
options that some should’ve been standard like the keyless entry. Even
Hyundai vehicles made that standard like many other vehicles.. 

Jie Jin says:

you are the expert on cars, like your video

cavman1 says:

Fantastic review. Very thorough and informative. Thank you for your hard
work. Question: Did your test car have the full Dynamic Handling Package
($4,500) or the “Adaptive M-Suspension + Rear Axle Air Suspension” ($900)?

Leonard Ruel says:

Hi Alex, I take it you liked the X5. Nice job with the charts (size and
price). Now I absolutely want an X5. It is also nice how you showed the
different front end trim levels. You must have put a lot of time and
efforts in this video. Thank you very much.

Chandra Sekhar says:

Your review always rock! Keep it up Alex. Good job!

gene978 says:

Simply AMAZING REVIEWS! NO ONE ELSE gives this much Detail. I feel I know
more about this car by spending 20 minutes with Alex then if I traveled to
a dealer and spent hours there being confused. Thanks Alex! 

prl08 says:

Great review. I absolutely LOVE this car!

Yifei Zhang says:

Very cool review again Alex.
I agreed. The B&O just seems little too much to me. Also too much of the
price tag too. Love the Head-Up Display on the X5. I know not everyone like
it. But I the Head-Up Display. I like the color white with third row of
course since I have two kids

Shin Ken says:

One thing to note is that the X5 has a wider turning radius than most
mid-to-full size SUVs, both the Mercedes ML & Range Rover Sport have
noticeably smaller turning radius, which makes parking lot maneuver and
U-turns easier. Even the 2015 Yukon/Tahoe have smaller turning circle than

But the main thing I don’t like about the X5 is its split tailgate design,
because it actually makes loading/unloading more of a stretch! For the
regular/single tailgate, you stand closer to the rear bumper, which is
definitely easier to load your groceries, luggage, etc.

Antony Guan says:

Alex it would be great edition to all of your upcoming and future reviews
that you toot the horn for fun so people know what to expect when they use
the horn because I have heard some horrendous ones plus you can be even
more different!

Nam Duong says:

I loved the first generation, and in Vietnam, it handled the sometimes
giant (up to 1m) potholes and poor roads in the countryside very well.
Leather was very durable, and A/C was super strong. It never creaked
off-road, unlike the Cayenne. In previous generations, BMW felt more solid
than the Porsche. Is there any reason you didn’t compare this to the
Porsche Cayenne? In America where the roads are nice, I think I’d be happy
with the X3 or MDX. X3 may not have the fancy axle, but its smaller size
probably make it feel more nimble? MDX’s interior just does not hold a
candle to even the 2nd generation X5. Inside, it looks like a fancy Honda,
even though outside it looks very nice.

tyler951 says:

Sports activity vehicle. They still call them SAVs?

Great review.

Marjun Macias says:

Great job as expected. When are you going to do a review on a 2015 GMC
Yukon/Chevy Tahoe? Thank you. 

John Smelt says:

Wow. I’ve never read your reviews. This is BY FAR the best review I’ve seem
on the x5. Do one ASAP on the 2015 x3

vanessajoanna080779 says:

nice review midget

Peter Smith says:

Detail review!!

Sotory22 says:

The 3.0-liter engine uses BMW’s TwinPower Turbo technology—with two inlets
on a single turbo for more responsive turbo boost—and is rated at 255
horsepower and 413 lb-ft of torque, the latter spread over 1,500 to 3,000

Scoopeduden says:

Wuut? 10:10 “Var är du nu” = Swedish, ENG = Where are you now?
Are yo having the display ting set to swedish? I now i am svede…

Alex on Autos says:
Robert LeBlanc says:

+Alex on Autos : Thanks for another great review!
Question: What vehicles do you currently own and can you please do a full
review of the 2015 Subaru Forester 2.0 XT Touring with EyeSight? It won
Motor Trend’s 2014 SUV of the year and is currently the IIHS’ only “Good”
rated small CUV for all crash tests, including the latest “Small Overlap
Frontal” test.
Thanks again!

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