2014 BMW X5 xDrive 35i

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Sweeping turn after sweeping turn, the BMW X5 does very little to remind you that you’re in a 4790-lb luxury SUV. With solid steering and throttle response,…


Grimlock1973 says:

Meh, I would take the 2014 MB ML over this bland slab of crap.

Dale Albeos says:

grrr… love this bmw but it’s just overpriced imho. 

Paras Kalra says:

This or the new MDX. Hmmmm

thomas4776 says:

Good review, However I am still not a fan of this model!

Sukun Paul says:

good shit,when I have a family I shall consider this :)

meedo prince says:

thum money lol

bmwdinamo says:

I can’t even pay attention to the video… I just wanna punch this ugly
fuck in his face 

welderguy5 says:

This guy can not speak well

Rhafael Avelar says:

Vou,compra duas

Serin Gupta says:

This guys fucking lisp

Justin Merrill says:

This guy’s lisp is driving me insane.

Ryan Langmuir says:

That… F ing… Lisp

Desca says:

Jesus …….the review is perfect and professional , and I don’t care
about the voice of this gentleman , everybody have a right to do his job
and he is doing perfect. Disable people or with others problems also has
rights to work ,if you don’t like this video is just simple don’t watch it.

Lawofattraction Fitness says:

I’d lie to see more reviews where the presenter is completely gitty and
excited over the car they are showing. Instead of pros and cons.

Sebastian Herrera says:

get someone who can speak normally please.

CycoWarriorx says:

I’m sorry there is nothing “muscular” about this design. It’s very
pedestrian and you can’t label “modern design” in a bland shell.

Taylor Braney says:

Can’t stand this guy

swetomboy says:

GO BMW just a sheer delight to see this Beauty and one day I HOPE to own

jooseunghyun says:

annoying ass voice

Bob David says:

It’s nice, but noting new about it

hipposnakeyo says:

the front design doesn’t match the rest of the vehicle, the front quarter
view is so ugly

bo yao says:


Leo Gonzales says:

the M sport package makes a big difference with this…so expensive though.

sadu87 says:

Amazing car

FxNitr0 says:

All other cars in the segment lack some nice fatures: Heads up display
(cant live without it), ability to change from sport to comfort, paddle
shifters, and the easy to use iDrive system ( i personally hate the one in
mercedez, like the audy one too)… i can’t buy another vehicle without
this features….

ACEcolorado1 says:

Sure the interior retains a similar layout that Bmw has been using for ages
now, but I have always personally liked the quality and simple sporty

Omran AbazId says:

all bmwes look the same
nothing new 

Mike Fillare says:

it’s competition is more rugged? what is so rugged about a Q7 or an ML?

Marci Mancinelli says:

You feeling up or down?

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