2014 BMW X5 xDrive35d Diesel SUV Reviewed

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Ryan takes a quick look at the 3rd generation 2014 BMW X5. Equipped with BMWs direct-injected Diesel engine, this spacious family hauler packs 413 lbs-ft of …


Kev50027 says:

You can adjust the volume of those backup sensor alerts or mute them all
together you know. That kind of makes your rant irrelevant. Also, if you’re
turning while backing up it’s possible to hit something in the front with
your quarter panel. 

Bj Robinson says:

This guy is not a car guy. He is spreading BAD info! The X5 uses premium
fuel, not regular so there is a REAL fuel savings in diesel. Bums like this
are why diesels don’t sell well in America….Peugeot 504! Ask 100 people
UNDER 40 and they never heard of it! BUM!

Torrey B says:

$60,000 and almost fully-loaded? I don’t think so !!

Driving Sports TV says:
visho89 says:

This guy is only good for reviewing cabrio mini coopers and pink Barbie
bicycles. Not BMWs. 

718hudson says:

@Driving Sport, loved the video and I just subscribed to show support. Now
please get a hair cut.. Thank u

Mirel Burinskiy says:

My dad bought this car for 68,000 plus tax so it 70k bruh. But its such a
good car!!! its awesome one the inside and it drives fantastic! This is a
truly one of a kind car

dee jay says:

A hansom SUV, thanks for the upload!

Kiss Kiss says:

I don’t know about buying it, But, I’d lease it.. Great video nonetheless

ldawson103 says:

Not an informative review.

j5supra says:

If you look at the options in settings you can turn that off. I hope you
know that

Scott Campbell says:

great vehicle review, thanks

Scott Campbell says:

u can drive a x5 for only 60k, that’s money well spent

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