2014 Mercedes-Benz GLK 250 BlueTEC vs. 2014 Audi Q5 TDI

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Power vs. Efficiency: Two Takes on the Diesel Luxury Crossover http://www.autoguide.com/car-comparisons/2014-audi-q5-tdi-vs-2014-mercedes-glk-250-bluetec-377…


n777ua says:

GLK is “very very sexy”? This guys delusional 

Yippie says:

These two do not compare. The Audi Q5 goes head to head with the Mercedes
ML 350 BlueTec. The Mercedes GLK is in the same class as a BMW X3, Audi Q3,
or even a VW Tiguan. Only problem is that a diesel is not available in
North America for those 3. 

yzoooon says:

Glk only appeals to those who appreciate refine styling. <3

speedkar99 says:

Where was this video shot, Brampton, Ontario somewhere?

Mejevoli says:

Shouldn’t you guys have compared the 2.0 tdi with the GLK’s 2.1? Or is the
2.0 tdi not available in the U.S.?

ProteanView says:

So, the Audi is better but, because it costs more, the Merc is the winner?
Maybe the Audi costs more because Audis are far more dependable than Mercs.
You have to consider everything.

Torrey B says:

The smaller guy is not fun to listen to. Too much attitude 

David Hee says:

via +AutoGuide.com

Which luxury small diesel SUV is better than the other?

gianhet says:

Fully equipped 6 cyl Audi vs average equipped 4 cyl Merc ..

Kev50027 says:

Guys.. I like your reviews, but they’re so scripted that they’re not as
interesting as most other video car reviews. Can’t you make a review
without scripting the whole thing? 

Arjel Agustin says:

Q5 = Jellybean

rkhrahmani says:

It is interesting that very often I end up not agreeing with the “clear
conclusion” of comparisons made by AutoGuide! I think the reviewers need to
do their homework better and deeper and try not to sound unexperienced.

Bati Tsogtsaikhan says:

The Audi looks great from the front but the Mercedes rear and interior are
better. The Mercedes looks especially great to me in white or blue. 

Adam Dymovský says:

The whole video you are talking about mercs problems and what should they
fix and at the end you say its clear winner?? Cheaper doesnt mean better

MBAMG65 says:

You guys surely went out of your ways to find elegant expressions to
sugar-coat Audi’s styling, lol. Good job gracefully criticizing the austere
and borderline-boring looks. Aesthetic beauty is a very subjective matter,
and I admire your effort to deliver a fair and professional expression of
your opinion. 

nbrigdan says:

I like the Q5 a fair bit, the GLK is extremely ugly to me and just gives
off the vibe you desperately want to drive a Mercedes but cannot afford a
proper one. At least in SUV terms.

Ocranius says:

The Mercedes’ steering column mounted controls are ridiculous and the
Mercedes’ Command is not intuitive at all! I test drove the C300 when I
bought my A4 and test drove the GLK 250 when I bought my Q5 and nothing has
changed over the three year gap! Audis are hands down superior in
essentially every conceivable way! Yes, I ended up paying more for the
Audis than the Mercedes, but the value proposition is so much better!
Mercedes just feel cheap these days…

Barobran92 says:

So basically you knew who was going to win when you looked at the price,
before you even sat in one of them.

johnny rex says:

Merc is Mitsu-designed?..one ugly beast. Sexy? bwahahaha!
Audi?.. Athletic.. Handsome Devil. Like me.

Jalal Elkhettabi says:

audi q55555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555

Kausik says:

I am planning to get a CUV in a month. Drove both, Q5 TDI and GLK, last
week. Let me tell you this, GLK doesn’t even come close to Q5 TDI in terms
of performance and looks. I don’t know what these guys are talking about,
‘GLK is sexy’?!!

Kelvin Li says:


John Jerrehian says:

Talking about being biased. The guy who drove the MB had a hard time
saying anything about the Audi.
So, the Audi offers an engine with 40 more HP and more torque. Has more
customized features for the driver to select from too. 

AJ GalVez says:

Q5 is amazing!

1994delicaman says:

I love the glk!

andrew z says:

the short guy is clearly a mercedes fan. he just cuts the other guy off at
the end and makes the final decision

Tom Bourque says:

Q5 looks like a Minivan. GLK looks like an SUV should!

techdude6693 says:

Wonder how the X3 28d will compare to these. I’m a Q5 fan myself tho. I
love the design and interior more

Mario Porte says:


aluhhh1881 says:

the q5 tdi is the better performing vehicle and it offers more styling
inside and out, but you have to pay for it??? what did you aspect? stupid

xhulio cani says:

mercedes glk is much better 

Jair Peralta says:

BS. The GLK is bulky and front styling looks weird. The Q5 is very elegant,
clean and refined. Cost more because it offer more, a super diesel V6 that
match the fuel economy of the Merc 4cyl. 

sergh8605 says:

Love the Mercedes 

julian lopez says:

the small guy is an asshole

freakincrazy6932 says:

compare with x3 diesel when it comes out too

jabuendia57 says:

audi q5!

Adam Sakran says:

fuck you guys q5 is better you ass hole 

EvanderSmart says:

The Audi looks too much like an egg
The GLK has too many square lines
Looking forward to the Lexus NX Hybrid, with a 35 MPG combined

djihed jo says:

i know that the glk 250 (205hp) is faster than the Q5 2.0 (170) , and the
glk 350 tdi olso faster than q5 tdi sooo here’s the competition (glk 250
cdi VS q5 2.0 tdi / GLK 350 cdi VS q5 3.0) now we know who’s the winner in
every thing even in price soo in conclussion the 250 shouldnt ever be
compqred with the 3.0 

zilkany says:

new glk blutec must to be compered with audi q5 not old model

nateawzom13 says:

The mercedes is not sexy

zuti071 says:

Ugly headlights in GLK.

blake gooden says:


Terry Boxer says:

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Petar Dimitrov says:

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