2014 Nissan GT-R vs. BMW M6 0-60 MPH Mile High Mashup Review

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 Nissan GT-R is perhaps the world’s best supercar bargain and the flagship car for the Japanese Nissan brand. The BMW M6 is…


TheGoozealot says:

These cars aren’t even in the same class why are you comparing the two? M6
is a luxury car while a GTR is a hardcore super car.

MomoiroOmnio says:

I haven’t seen this whole video. But I did do a quick research on both
cars. I automatically go with the GT-R because of it’s four-wheel drive

And I rather have a Porsche Cayman GTS over the BMW M6 Coupe because both
cars are not suitable for rally racing courses almost anyway… And the
Cayman S looks better, looks lighter, looks both cute and sexy, is lighter
in weight, has very good weight balance distribution, is cheaper and more
affordable than the M6 Coupe, etc…

As for which car I want more, I rather have a new 2013 or 2014 Audi TT RS
Coupe… The TT RS is much like GT-Rs, especially the front engine-four
wheel drive layout, except the TT RS is cuter, cooler and sexier…

TruckPassionPhotography says:

there is a supra here in Colorado doing 9 seconds in the 1/4 mille it
always gets me wondering how much faster it would be at sea level any

alex luke says:

M6 doesn’t have ceramic brakes in this video!

iamanoobiecheez says:

Told you a 1.6 million times that the GTR has cheap plastics in the
interior… Looks like a $15k Nissan.

Zach Billings says:

You said you weren’t using launch control because it’s about the driver not
the car… no… no… you’re testing cars. I’d say it’s absolfuckinglutely
about the car. Incredibly weak that you didn’t use launch control on a car
that is KNOWN for its launch control.

TOM FORD says:


David Pham says:

The R35 GTR is not even a skyline let alone ‘Godzilla’. The Skyline R32 GTR
is the one and true Godzilla and the series brandishes that title
throughout, this includes the R33 and R34 but the R35 GTR is not even a
skyline, a skyline is a straight 6, the R35 IS A V6. Learn your fucking
shit, seriously.

xNate416 says:

the r35 isnt godzilla the skylines are lol

Perry Nash says:

e63s model 0-60 in 3.2seconds and he said the m6 is the best v8 ok and the
E class is not even in the same category as the M6

lolzlmao11 says:

5 seconds for a gtr 0-60? WTF

Braden .J says:

complete shyt

Price A says:

lol my dad put gdz1lla as his license plate on his gtr

Rajeev Sahu says:

4:30 best part

trumanhw says:

I can hear the transmission on the BMW is set to the slow setting; Had the
M-DCT and the shifts were SHARP. They definitely didn’t have it in the 6th

richystar2001 says:


Clesarie says:

I could of told you what was gonna win before even watching the video. Its
that obvious. The m6 is a very pretty car but cmon its just totally
average bmw with a little aggression it just in no way looks like $123k
car. Granted the GTR doesnt either but at least it keeps
styling reminiscent to its heritage. The issue to me is i’d never buy the
GTR because the lack of a real manual gear box is vexing. Terribly vexing.
The paddle shfiters seem fine in a BMW because I think luxury over

onegaisti says:

Apples to oranges. If apples were faster and oranges were more luxury.
Personally, I’d take the BMW. Still love the GTRs but I like the idea of
going fast in a luxury car.

jusfuknwidya says:

I didn’t realise that Nissan in USA has E.s in the spelling. Oh wait it
doesn’t Yank just choose to fuck up another word NISS AN not NEE SARN. NEES
SARN sounds retarded.

Jonathan Kronick says:

wow, terrible times.

ABOlsen69666 says:

Great. Comparing a Civic to a Rolls.
The GTR might be fast, but personally, I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of
those plastic boxes. One has style and class, the other is for pimblefaced
kids who thinks Vin Diesel is the greatest actor ever.

Jakob Dyer says:

One last thing you are judging these cars like their family cars you just
see everyone driving cause their not there performance cars if I wanted a
car to be judged on seat space and the way it looks I would get some Toyota
camera or honda accord

FuryyyFX says:

xDD It was made in Dingolfing? o.O this is something new for me … it is
made in Munich ^^ the parts for this one are made in Dingolfing xD BMW =
Germany = Bavaria = Munich ;) chek it out 

Isak kerman says:

best german v8 my ass! i cant say more than porsche 918

Michael Gratz says:

The BMW sounds better.

Jay Khan says:

awd cars are better, just like the evo. 

Fernando C says:


Jakob Dyer says:

Ok first of all everyone should have know the gtr was better from the start
I’ve seen a gtr bet plenty of lambos by far and also the car has launch
control for a reason so why judge it without it and say that’s what the car
is cause it a not and the last thing are you really using a fucking

Dale Gordon says:

first of all the bmw m6 is actually a v10

12factortest says:

I never understood the BMW M6 until I saw it in person and sat in it. I had
previously been enamored with the Audi RS 7 but after sitting in both, the
BMW is just so impressive. I couldn’t get the smile off my face while
sitting in the BMW. Also, the wheels that the BMW has in this vid are just
epic looking in real life. Seeing them on youtube does not do them justice.

All of that to say, watching the reviews and reading the specs are one
thing, experiencing these cars in real life is quite another thing.

John Smith says:

Who says Germans don’t have passion when it comes to exterior designs?
I haven’t heard that statement from anywhere..

R95FTW says:

Choose the m6 any day
Quality over quantity

MrNuggetface says:

You guys are terrible. All of your review 0-60 times are 2 seconds slower
than anyone else who reviews the same car. Nissan should write you a hate
letter for embarrassing their car. 

Andre Skeete says:


Suleiman Al-lundouni says:

You could pick up a wider range of women in the M6 but the GTR is more fun.
I want both.

Amir Hossein says:

how is it that the ///M6 0-100 = 5.5 ! The 650i Gran Coupe is 4.6sec and
that has a sport 8 speed without launch control ! 

zodiacfml says:

The gtr is too pricey for that interior and overrall quality

david ringer says:

These guys suck at launching these cars…and yes I can do better.

Cooper Schuham says:

How in gods name are you guys getting such horrible 60 times? Oh wait. Cars
are in auto, launch control disabled and bad drivers.

mits sate says:


virensanchit says:

Fucking Nazis

cringlejedi says:

Amateurs. What a shit review

Yu Ning says:

The GTR needs a better driver, it should be competing with a 911 turbo, or
a LFA, or a 458 or anything that can do 0~60 under 3s, not this bmw
crap…. pls 

Obito Uchiha says:

i drove a buggati mustang super sport gtr faster than the speed of speed of
the color blue

Doruk Sahin says:

M6 dont need the speed or acceleration it is fucking Masterpiece fir god

eduard dzerzhanovsky says:

Do you all speak russian?

Cameron Parrett says:

GTR is a beast, Porsche Turbo a better car and this BMW sexy and well

angelo pugliares says:

I get 5.0 with my 99 z28. 410 gears and magnaflow exhaust. I’m by no means
putting my car on the same level as these two, but I was expecting better
from an M6, and a gtr

Roger Lee says:

you guys should be more careful with the cars. they are not yours. 

Terry Thomas says:

Old Technology ! Stick with Tesla ! 

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