2014 RS 7 Trailer at NAIAS

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Trailer for the 2014 RS 7 at the North American International Auto Show.


Audi汽車桃園 says:
nuri serkan Zarpli says:

this is it!

Jay truth says:

Gf c.f. xfxfyb. Bac

Ahmad AL-Alwan says:
zahin rahman says:

scaring/”causing a little too much excitement ” to a minor/child (strapped)
in a hyped car with a guy in black glasses and a grey suit, that descended
from sky and again took far away from his home, deserted location, in the
middle of a damn desert and finally kicking him out abandoned : a little

Proto Papadopoulos says:

Movies get trailers, but cars don’t? We righted that wrong. #naias 

Kevin Chong says:

HAHAH look at all those Audi fans here. I like the design of Audi 7 better
than new BMW 7 series I gotta admit that. But when it comes to BMW M
series? “Think Again.” M >>>>> RS.

Calum Blair says:

“My mom told me never to go in a car with stranger” tut tut Audi ;)

Ibraheem Hamdi says:

at least it explains what happened in Russia a couple of weeks ago

Garrett Pichon says:

Glass on the table…. you see it half empty, I see it half full!
Perception is everything! What do you see! Audi kicking the crap outta benz
and bmw

ZakoX360X says:

so what i see here is…an Alien came to pick up a kid in the middle of the
night,raped him,and abandoned him in the middle of the desert –’

Hustul01 says:

Holy mother of cars. Any specs released yet?

Darrell James says:

You’ve got that right!!

haarren says:

very touching

Ali Alowais says:

We want it coupe!

angryhornet91 says:

that trailer is great you are dumb…

Lollipopchanter says:

North American International Auto Show, for Americans… mostly…

muath a says:

that trailer does not make sense

ZakoX360X says:

what happend to “DO NOT talk to strangers ?!”

Vitárius László says:

i f i was that kid i kicked t out the fucing duechebag of the car

vitoldas stirbys says:

stebuklinga lazdele

Bailey Smith says:

I am assuming the BMW M6 gc because that thing aint got shit on the rs7

RTDragon0112 says:

imagine if the guy driving the audi was a pedophile

hurrdurrimagrunt says:

I bet he’d still rather have that sport quattro S1 on his poster

y0Dubstep says:

I wonder what this car can max out at 320 on the speedometer I’m thinking
like 370

Silviu Toma says:


Gustaf Granström says:

Are you retarded?

jody024 says:

you do realize that this is a trailer of a boys “dream” you tell me boys
don’t dream of racing cars and going fast . most likely the car wasn’t
actually driven at that speed at all in the video its all editing

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