2015 Audi A3 0-60 MPH First Drive & Review

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 Audi A3 is all new and so far only available as a sedan in the United States. While in the U.S. it maybe Audi’s least expe…


AirsoftWarfareHD says:

Looks like a 2006 economy car. So boring I thought Audi made nice cars thid
is just downright bland.

ewtubewatcher says:

i really dont like the design of the air vents. i feel like it’s gonna
become real outdated in 2 years or so. shouldve just used some traditional
vent design

C Nevs says:

TDI is available too

juppongatana773 says:

Nothing but a Golf for snobs that are foolish enough to pay more for a

counkev says:

I would just dish out 2 more grand for a base A4 if I was shopping for a
base A3. 

Chris C says:

5.5 seconds 0-60? I don’t think so!
Mid to high 6′s sounds about right.
Make no mistake about it. And don’t get hypnotized by its badge. The A3
is a budget car.
It has a powerful engine that will perform at certain parts of the road,
but launching this car to 60 ain’t gonna happen in 5.5.
This car is mainly designed to entice younger and/or budget-driven
consumers into the brand.
If you’re buying this car thinking what a bargain it is with all the perks
of being an Audi at half the price, you’re wrong.

Mohammad Afifi says:

I see a new JETTA :D

Milford Civic says:

Nothing more than a fancy Jetta. The MMI stuff is a huge distraction from
the road, which is what the driver needs to be focused on. I’ll pass.

Easy E-Man says:

Thank you guys for showing me how stupid Audi was for making this horrible
car. All I have to say is bring back the hatch. The hatch back was a better
looking and more usable vehicle. 

kirbyswarp says:

A3>CLA It might be bland, but it isn’t an ugly duckling like the Mercedes.

uncoolkid2 says:

I love santa cruz beach board walk. 

SodaWolf1 says:

I thought there was going to be a 5 door model did they really have to do
this just because “Americans hate hatchbacks they also hate wagons” really.

Fordguy1997 says:

lol, nice “cover up” at the end. Roman was going at least 45 mph through
those tight corners.

Moby Dick says:

I didn’t realize Nathan was so big. Dude, you need to lose some weight,
esp around the mid section. A thinner guy would have gotten 6 secs flat…

onDishez says:


Michael Zubritsky says:

Awesome video as usual! However, this vehicle is a complete waste of money.
You can do so much more with 36k then blow it on an entry level Audi. With
that, I would actually appreciate German vehicles if most of the drivers
would stop driving like coked out D bags. 

Johnny Barrett says:

Good video! I like the car, keep it up guys.

jose mora says:

Welcome to the police state, America, the land of the fools that believe
they are free. 

z00h says:

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, what a sad place it is

Eikichi Onizuka says:

Wow this car is for sure putting some heat on BMW 3 series, Benz C cClass,
and Lexus IS.

Mike Vining says:

Why do we get the ugly versions of the worlds great cars? We need more
wagons and hatches………

hung huge says:

Designed for America? Keep kidding yourselves, guys. This was designed for
the Chinese. 

ViewerVerdict says:

REALLY !! it’s not really a small car, a normal person, would fit there i
mean the back, as for u , i’m referring to the fat guy ! u need A DIET, or
at least pull the seat to the front coz i can see the space in the front is
enough to fit an elephant !

Leonard Hanson says:

Great review! I look forward to your second test drive of the A3 2.0L
SLine. Did you guys have a chance to listen to the B&O stereo? I’d love to
get this car next year & that would definitely be on my option list.

Did you notice any lurching from the transmission in the parking lot? I
read a review & it mentioned that it was jerky at low speeds such as in a
parking lot. Thanks again for your review & opinions on this car. Keep up
the great work guys

abdelmokit mkaddem says:

i love audi but this is a VW TDI no shit. 

ki flex says:

you guy’s are hilarious…ohh “the pigs” ..anyway great video as

ni xiangrong says:

2 asshole, this car is for girls, so small

doccyber says:

No manual transmission? No go for me. 

AlboThuggaa says:

lmfao he said the s5 what a fucking fail yo man go home why do you get to
review a nice car like that and yet you dont even know its fucking MODELS
smh. fuck his connections

Angel Muñoz says:

the S5 , did you mean the S3??

Emmanuel rios says:

That looks like Half Moon Bay. I love south San Francisco beaches.

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