2015 Audi A3 2.0 TFSI quattro Compact Luxury Sedan Test Drive Video Review

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http://www.autobytel.com/audi/a3/2015/ The first thing you might notice about the new A3 is that the body style is a sedan which is different from the hatchb…


imp alor says:

nice review. good try for Audi. i’d still go for the CLA though…

Jeff Glucker says:

Nice work Benjamin

Alexn1067 says:

I don’t like it…for that money I think you can get a nicer car.

Benjamin Hunting says:

My video review of the 2015 Audi A3 sedan for Autobytel – courtesy of T.j.

2015 Audi A3 2.0 TFSI quattro Compact Luxury Sedan Test Drive Video Review

A Freethinker says:

What about the suspension? Does it tend towards stiffness or does it tend
towards that luxury floaty feel?


Lucas Frost says:

I think its a sport sedan.

Edvard Holst says:

I have the A3 2014 Hatchback model here in Norway and its such a great car.
Your review of the sedan was excellent and with some good detailed
knowledge. I did not know the character recognition was line based, but it
makes sense considering how well it works. Is the MMI system in the 2015
sedan still Tegra-3 based?

Maninder M says:

Is the a3 sedan smaller than the chevy cruz?

T.J. Keon says:

The 2.0 Turbo w/ quattro AWD was surprisingly fun! I thought it would be a
cheap Audi, but instead the A3 was simply a small Audi.

Raymond Johnson says:

They just eat up everything they do it is just shameful. The Verano out
side of the gauge cluster is much nicer inside than the Audi. You are
paying a fortune for this car when it should be about 5K cheaper across the
board. Sorry I think it is a neat little car but be more honest and stop
sucking up everything they put out. I remember how you guys ate up the A4
from the 90′s and it was a mechanical nightmare but in these types of
publications you just cream over it.

Eric Underwood says:

This is miles ahead of the CLA250 and the “driver’s car” for sure. An APR
tune and that Quattro system will make this a very fun car, however, the
new Golf R should be a beast out of the box and about the same price…

backlashLFE says:

Audi’s biggest mistake on this car was to not offer a manual transmission

reas267 says:

Horrible cameras video looks awful

antonio Gomez says:

amazing stuffs man thanks my debate is between the Cla-250 or the new audi
a3 i haven’t test drive the new a3 yet but here in boston the launch event
is on april 3 i want to go test drive it before i made a decision 

Jody McCullough says:

Loaded 2015 VW GTI or mid range A3 with quattro? Thoughts?

CHANNELgr says:

St patties day is over ginger

Yang Peng Tan says:

Here’s one thing about Audi, they all look almost the same to me. CLA is
the way to go 

whuang23888 says:

that’s not a 2.0 if the exhausts are all on one side, the car shown later
in the video with s-line is a 2.0, but the footage seems to be from
elsewhere …

SyoroaN2 says:

no backup cameras on the A3 unless you get the tech package which will be
over 43k

Edgardo Amado says:

So the question ends on would you buy a top of the line Volkswagen or a
piece of shit Audi ??

T.J. Keon says:

2015 Audi A3 Review with Benjamin Hunting

T Dub says:

So when does this get Apple car play, no need for navi when that comes.

golfmaniac007 says:

the A3 is a waste. the interior is lacking. once you load up with a
couple options you will be in UPPER $30k range.

brain96969 says:

Competent review!

FanaticGuide1 says:

I like it

EvanderSmart says:

The interior looks cheap and cheezy, and the outside looks exactly like
every other Audi sedan (but looks better somehow, having SOME styling). I
love everything else about it.

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