2015 Audi A3 2 0T Review and Road Test – DETAILED!

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Check out my other videos! http://vid.io/xqoB Who is Alex? Find out here! http://vid.io/xqoF Once upon a time Audi’s A3 was considered more of a gussied-up V…


Däne Fjordlùnd says:

Great as usual. VW has economies of scale with their platforms so they can
afford to undercut all the other German competition. Psychologically I’d
feel cheated paying $40k for a Jetta.

n777ua says:

Alex, while it is true that the next Jetta and Passat (both North American
and European) will ride on the MQB platform that underpins the new A3, the
current only VW product that shares MQB is the new Golf. The current Jetta
is PQ35 and the American Passat is a stretched PQ36

TheKRNG says:

would get more views if your videos are less than 20 minutes

David Cuccia says:

Alex, sounds like if it was your money you’d get the A3 over the S60,
despite your sweet spot for Swedish sporty sedans. Can you extrapolate to
the V60 T5 Drive-E vs A3 Sportback TDI?

Han Chen says:

Is A3 sportback TDI coming to U.S.?

Ted Roberts says:

I used to watch car videos on other sights now I only trust your reviews.
Thanks Alex. By the way where did you earn your engineering degree.

Thoughts, Ideas, and what? says:

Very detailed as always, love it.

Two Qs.
1) That “blank” switch (?) that mirrors the parking switch, is it really
just a blank?

2) those slots in front of that blank switch, are they intended for things
like paid parking slips?

BTW: I ended up buying a 2014 Prius 5 Hatchback (Not the “V-Wagon”). I went
into the buying market looking at that BMW 3series GT and exited with the
Prius; lol go figure. Love the LED low-beams. LKA is nice but lacks. The
dynamic Cruise Control is great but also lacks.

Anyway – if I can give back by answering some questions you might have
about my personal experience, just send them my way.

Thanks for the great reviews; Entertaining and informative.

AlternativeUses says:

Great review as usual… I’m wavering between this and the new 428i gran
coupe or golf R. Looks like all are great options.

FSXDave says:

Great review! No singing at the end this time?

kicksreason says:

Great as always!

Rants Rants Rants says:

I’m considering an audi for my next car.

mountainhobo says:

+Alex on Autos When the diesel hatchback comes next year, could you review
that? That would likely be the only model of interest to me.

jvrdlc says:

very well done sir. Like your review.

ray zhang says:

Please review bmw m235i

A Merciless Walrus says:

Just buy a 2-4 year old Audi A4. Lol.

Brian Green says:

Alex, this was another quality review! I think your videos are the best on

jandj Godwin says:

Seeems like the car has same legroom interior room and boot space as of a
Ford Focus sedan, infact it seems like an Audi version of Ford Focus

Steve W says:

I have driven the A3 1.8 T and found it is not only too small and
overpriced ,it drives like va VW and not like an Audi~~~Very disappointing!

Ramiro Lasala ® says:

I think it might compete with the cla, ILX, CT200h, verano. Being the same
platform as jetta as you mention. Keep up the great work nice format

Marco Cordero says:

Hello Alex Could you do some highway driving in your reviews and report
real mpg’s Thanks

stuntmonkey00 says:

So how close do the near-luxury 2.5l Mazda3 or the 2.4l ILX come to the A2
in terms of driving dynamics and creature comforts if you don’t factor in
the 4wd? Neither seems as good in terms of interior design and materials,
that’s a given, but both of the less expensive cars seem to offer
compelling value choices against the 1.8l A3?

ldawson103 says:

This is NOT a TLX competitor.

Paul Paplinski says:

Are you sure the engine on this A3 is mounted longitudinal? Looks more
transverse like all other Audis. 

jamal terrell says:

How would you say this compares with an A4? The pricing isn’t too far off
if you sacrifice a few features, and loaded year old CPO cars are the same
price as a well equipped new A3.

japanwatchconnection says:

Hi Alex, how do you think this new A3 stacks against the current F30
platform BMW sedans 320/328i?

Ron Workman says:

Alex. Great review as usual. So many reviews talk much but say little. Not
so with you. As for the A3…do you expect the A3 TDI to have quattro as an

mikelieber1 says:

Alex, Great review on the Audi A3 !, Can you do a review on the Infiniti
Q50 (fully loaded) ? 

Hugh Gabriel says:

The A3 is actually “World Car Of The Year”, an automobile award selected by
a jury of 48 international automotive journalists from 22 countries. Great

shahed hasnat says:

I really liked the car from outside and the driving experience was
fantastic, however the dashboard is really poorly laid out and the
rear-view mirror is like a toy.

mamba109 says:

Hey Alex, great review as always. I know I’m probably just nitpicking, and
pardon if I missed it, but I would love to hear the “thunking” sounds of
the doors closing. Maybe even include the closing of the glove box since we
know how plasticy those might sound even on luxury cars. I know you
included the sound of the trunk closing during the trunk comfort portion.

zi yang lim says:

Do the 2 series bmw!

Jacana Productions says:

Mainstream buyers don’t like to take risks so this looks great but a one or
two year old S4 / 3.0t engine with chip – Chris Harris got his to be as
quick as an RS4. 0-60 in something like 4.1 seconds! Wow. 

Bradson Vogel says:

No way!! Keep your videos detailed! 

Braden Polyak says:

Most comprehensive review yet. This is what I have been looking for.

sethssd says:

good review, very detailed.

ammomeister says:

Alex…please do a review on the 2015 VW GTI!

GreenPanda says:

Great review. Thank you

carguy812 says:

Alex, Keep you the great work. Your videos are both informative and
Great Job…

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