2015 Audi A3 Cabriolet (Convertible) DETAILED Review – In 4K

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Is Audi’s smallest drop-top right for you? Check out the most detailed review on YouTube to find out. More videos: http://goo.gl/Kj1FlI Best cars in 2014: ht…


BananaChipzzz says:

Best car reviews on YouTube hands-down. Thorough, practical, and unbiased.
Thanks Alex.

mountainhobo says:

Alex, did you drive the 2.0T version? How would you compare the handling of
that AWD model to this one?

Timon Zhao says:

Nice review as always. A3 is a very nice little car. However here in
Canada, I would probably look for a small SUV with AWD. Alex, do you have
an plan to review the 2015 Q3? or the other new sub-compact SUV like Honda
hr-v and Mazda CX-3? just want to know how you feel they compare each other
and to their bigger brothers like Q5, CR-V and CX-5, etc.?

dennisscipio says:

those tabs to right of the video should be at the bottom to make is less
“cluttered” but that’s me.

DaeguKyle says:

Another fantastic review Alex. I am always impressed with your knowledge
of the different models and their options and your ability to rapidly
compare them.

Regarding your favorite vehicle list, some context would help this be a bit
more meaningful. Are you a two car family or would this be your family’s
only vehicle? Do you have children you drive around if so is it more than
2? If you have children are they beyond the age of car seats?

Henry Grimm says:

Alex, the effort you put into your videos, along with your breadth of
knowledge, is fantastic. I’m super interested in a 2.0t version of this
(will 90% get one). Quick question: sport package v. no sport package. Do
you know if the sport package just adds a stiffer ride without actually
improving the handling?

Tomasz Dominikowski says:

Alex please get rid of the sidebar with links, do you realize how many
people watch your videos on smartphones, tablets and TVs? None of them can
click these links and they take up so much space. I watch your videos on a
laptop and the sidebar is very distracting anyway. Why don’t you just leave
links to timecodes in the video description?

Zachary Blanchard says:

Great review this is my favorite car behind Tesla(can you review one), also
I liked the side bar thing.

Chemicalhaze Nighteye says:

I really like watch your reviews . Greetings from sweden

Michael Maddox says:

As usual, a great review. Very funny SNAFU at the end!

Alex, you mentioned that acceleration was down from what it should be.
Were your burning premium fuel?

Maninder Minhas says:

Hi Alex,
Would you compare the A3 cabriolet with the BMW 2 series cabriolet?

Ted Kantrowitz says:

Great review as always. I’m a little put off by the price tag though I
understand it’s worth it. I’d love a video that compares options among
lightly-used convertibles, eg this vs EOS vs MX-5 vs whatever, all two
years or so old. I imagine your local California CarMax locations are
drowning in these kinds of things and that you could provide some real

Ford Fan97 says:

I like the A3. I was estimating payments and here in Canada I can get a A3
1.8T Komfort fully loaded for under 35K. This is really awesome because
payments would be well under my 545 dollars max budget which leaves room
not only for insurance because it will be more because I’ll have my novice
drivers license and a new car but the payments will be cheap enough I’ll
have extra for insurance and being a 4 cylinder and front wheel drive I can
get really good gas mileage which is a bonus. 

Hugh Gabriel says:

World Car Of The Year !

Jeff Arnholt says:

Alex, which roads do you typically test drive for your reviews? The views
are beautiful. Thank you.

Santino Luquesini says:

Please make a review of the 2015 suburban! Pleaseee

Elliott Manning says:

It really is embarrassing to see what you get for the money with this Audi.
No backup camera or sensors?

Danny Chan says:

Love the sidebar because if helps me jump around considering the video is a
bit long.

Trubbles says:

Another informative video. Thanks Alex!

Bryan Jiang says:

Great review. I’m really liking your way of reviewing, it’s different, and
serves a need that is missing on YouTube. Cheers!

ThatBlackGuy says:

I love your in-depth reviews. Keep up the great work.

mx5hong says:

I think the upcoming Buick Cascada will compete with that 1.8t A3 cabrio. 

Richard M says:

Excellent review. Thank you!

Christopher .WalkenPNW says:

dat basement doe

kenbefound says:

Lovely car

Cherry Makhan says:

Land rover discovery sports

Robert LeBlanc says:

Did that SUV in front of you just totally blow that stop sign? Looked like

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