2015 Audi A3 Makers & Breakers 0-60 MPH & Hot Lap Review

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 Audi A3 1.8L is the newest entry level German Luxury sedan from Audi. It is small, tidy, quick, front wheel drive and some…


Däne Fjordlùnd says:

All Audis except for the R8 are tarted-up VWs

ShaunJW1 says:

I bought the A3 Sportronic Sportback TFSI 1.8 based on this review…lol

megapod10351 says:

So no. 3 maker is affordable German luxury and no. 2 breaker is expensive
German luxury..?

Grant Ihrie says:

technically, it’s not to o embarrassing since the 1.8T is a bit more tuned
for fuel efficiency and is a base model engine, whereas the 2.0 TSI in the
GLI is top of the line VW Jetta engine and not to mention if you have the
third generation EA888 (started mid October of 2013) you get a slightly
more powerful engine with WAY more potential than the 2nd generation EA888
engine. The 2.0 was I believe the first Audi to actually have the 3rd
generation EA888. Because it’s an Audi and you pay more for it, Audi packs
a better tune into it than VW does with the GLI. So, if anything, it’s
impressive that it keeps up with the more powerful 2.0 EA888 3rd generation
powered GLI. Even if the one you guys tested was the 2nd gen EA888, it’s
still impressive. Other than that, great review. PLEASE stay unbiased, cuz
that’s why I watch you guys. You guys are WAAAAYYYY better than the
mainstream auto journalists because you guys are unbiased. Keep the videos

Stu Preston says:

No launch control? We have it in the UK version! 

ChAbAr says:

I Think the A3 is an excellent idea but the 1.8T is not worth it. You pay
more just for the four rings of Audi on the front. As Nathan said, go with
the Jetta GLI. More HP with more options for less money.

Unless Audi rethinks its pricing, the 1.8T will be forgotten IMO.

J & S says:

It is an overpriced Jetta. I would take the MB CLA250 over this.

Beautybaby716 says:

acually you guys are very wrong this car base price is 31,190 you guys need
to do a little more reseach

S Duffy says:

problem is, the days of the germans making good cars is long past, they
make nothing but crap now, the whole lot, yet n americans continue to have
their heads up their ass about the whole thing…german=garbage in terms of
vehicles these days

buildmorefarms100 says:

Or for 34,995 you can get a badass EVO GSR which would leave all these cars
in the dust…..you can also option up the interior w/leather Recaros
710watt rockford fosgate and many more fine features. Plust no german car
repair nightmares….

lukash kowcz says:

What I don’t understand is why would someone pay 10k more for an audi, if I
can get a jetta for 10k less and have the same engine and a manual

Jason Messer says:

Everyone who says for 34 thousand you can get this and this doesn’t
understand the luxury and technology you get in an Audi, you aren’t buying
a track car…

Tyler Smith says:

If i was buying a sedan i would much rather buy RT charger it has more
features than that car plus 200 more HP

headcas620 says:

For 34k you could get a GLI, GTI or an almost loaded Passat. Who cares
about four crappy rings on the grille?

Car Nut says:

Traction control is really the worst car feature invented (depending on how
smart it is like a GTR’s launch control). If you can’t control the wheels
slipping yourself then I doubt one should be on the road at all. Stability
control on the other hand saves lives.

seattle1986 says:

After not watching your clips for few months and now watching this one it
is refreshing to see you guys are improving and how great your clips are.
Thanks for what you do. I

AntsAfan301 says:

To me that’s expensive for a small “entry level” car… #ijs if you are
getting a luxury brand I think you need to at least go higher in the model
line up. 

spinnetti says:

is that a go-cart track? I went and checked it out at the dealer and “its
got a nice personality”. I really like the interior, but I currently have a
B5 and a hot rodded B6 (A4s), and there’s just not enough there even
compared to my 15 and 12yr old cars (plus my B6 is a LOT faster and
lighter). Maybe the B9 A4 or S5 will do it, or maybe just a GTI?

JATR1X says:

that groovy bass track kept me watching xDD

Leonard Hanson says:

I look forward to when you get the keys to an S3 & do a test drive. That’s
the version I REALLY would like to get! I look forward to those arriving at
our dealership in September :-)

Xenophene01 says:

Hahaha. “You can get nookie with this car”

david dykeman says:

Nice RUSH shirt Nathan. Canada’s greatest band. Cheers from Canada.

jjuhring1 says:

Nathan and Roman… I don’t mean to sound preachy… but for the love of
God, the barometric pressure in the Denver areas is almost exactly 15% less
than at sea level. As engines follow the ideal gas law, that will
translate to 15% less HP and an associated 15% increase in acceleration
times. Use the calculator function on your cell phones and multiply the
measured time by 0.85 to get the sea level equivalent. (or just say this in
the video so viewers can translate accurately). In this case, 7.78
translates to 6.61 at sea level. As luck would have it M.T. also tested
the same car (probably literally the-same-car) last month and got 6.80 sec

Rodrigo Pita says:

I have an Audi A3 1.8 TFSI 180cv dual-clutch transmission and It does slow
shifts. But It get solved if you put it in manual, accelerate and don’t
change the gear. When I do that, it gets much faster shifts. I don’t know
why, and of course I turn the traction control off. Nice video. 

Alex Tahti says:

Why would one buy an Audi without Quattro???

TheRichardc88 says:

Guys, normally I agree with much of what your reviews incorporate but it’s
time to let the manual transmission thing go… I don’t blame automotive
corporations for making fewer manual options. Look at the facts… Dual
clutch automatic units these days return better economy and performance.
Not to mention that companies are not putting money into manuals so if you
can find one it’s a decade old unit. 

DancinRandy54 says:

i just test drove one of these but it was the 2.0. it was quick but the
steering feel is terrible. and the gas pedal is very hard to press for some

vava victor says:

Would have loved to see the 2.0T against the bmw.

Yamil says:

I really like Audi and respect what they’ve done but this A3 doesn’t call
my attention. 

RoarG Smalls says:

What car is good for collage students?

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