2015 Audi A3 Quattro Review

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Minh Chu says:

Audi A3 is totally a car targeted for young females looking to get into an
entry level luxury car. Has just enough style and performance and quality
interior to market young professional business women. A step up from a
jetta or passat. Young guys prefer hot hatches and performance and do not
care as much about badges over value. Although guys who care more about
badges over value are more likely to get bmw/benz. Then again those entry
cars are no slouches themselves with boost. Audi is plain and boring but
its so their cars age well through each generation and still maintains its

Colin King says:

I think your WRX is causing you to be a bit harsh on this car haha. I
carved up a few corners in the A3 and loved it. The handling and steering
feel in a WRX is incredible and the Audi is comparable to a lot of BMW
models and even the GTI. I agree with you on the base 1.8t A3, but there
are a lot of young professionals that want the badge- the interior is still
of a decent quality but yeah, GTI is what you should be getting. 

Keshav Kumar says:

I think the base model A3 is built as an economical luxury car. I see it as
a Jetta with an Audi badge and interior. 

projectWRX15 says:

Hopefully the 60FPS worked this time! thanks for watching

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