2015 Audi A3 Review

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Review of the 2015 Audi A3 filmed by OCSA Film & Television Conservatory student Josh Kaufman. Audi of America, Audi Mission Viejo, Audi Newport Beach, Commo…


thatcrazyjames says:

Ridiculously bad ass hd camera you’re using. Great video. 

Jocelyn Mwale Makungu says:

Would you recommend this one over the S1 2.0 TFSI sportback?

terry947 says:

i like the exterior of the cla better but the interior destorys the cla

thatguyh24 says:

Let me know when there’s a contest giveaway . Haha lol I’m serious . 

danielbr85 says:

IX35 quero saber se não é q nem o veloster fala uma potencia e tem bem

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