2015 Audi A3 – Review

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Was dropping the 5th door a big mistake? http://www.autoguide.com/manufacturer/audi/2015-audi-a3-review-4070.html Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscripti…


Shedao Shai says:

Checkout the navigation system and the touchpad on the navigation dial.

Michael Zubritsky says:

What an absolute waste of money. However, the “badge whores” will beg the
differ though….

rextetron says:

If you wish to aim for a global audience, you could also mention that 5 and
3 door models are still available in Europe. You knew that right?

kirbyswarp says:

A3>CLA. The CLA is such an ugly piece of trash.

Yippie says:

Bring back the hatchback! That small thing looks awkward otherwise.

Chris McManus says:

Is there no TDI version? 

Joel D says:

Nice car. My vote (and money is) going to C) none of the above – Golf R:
performance of the CLA45 AMG, better looking than the S3 and costs as much
as a base 2.0T A3. 

MrNuggetface says:

Prestige model looks so much better than the base car. Base versions are
meh at best. 

Yippie says:

I remember when the A4 costs the same just a year ago. It’s all about
profit for the VW group. 

money says:

I understand why this sells more than the CLA because its miles ahead in
almost every category. I think the Mercedes loses a lot of buyers because
it has a stiff ride while this is comfortable and more luxurious.

sparkss4 says:

what city do you shoot your videos in?

Tomasz Skwarek says:

Nice review i would only say that if you want sporty experience with audi
A3 , just get an S3 it’s a beast !

twooger says:

FYI there is also a new version of A3 hatchback

fatboy19831 says:

Audi’s website sucks. Knowing Audi those beautiful daytime LEDs are at
best part of an $6000 option package. The A3 is a wonderful automobile. Add
just a few options and you are well into the $40,000 range. I have to
believe at that point you are better off with the A4. The $42,000 S3
would be my only option for the A3.

hnnotyy says:

Because an A2 to is on the way..

Shedao Shai says:

After effects face punched your video.

chunky soup says:

Jetta GLI

Fussinated says:

This is a Golf and 45K for a Golf? Ferdinand Piech must be getting senile.

TheOhknows says:


Xiaonan Wang says:

Cars just have way too many segments these days….too narrowly segmented.

Darrell Parker Jr says:

To small for so much money, German automakers are getting beside
themselves. Sport models are only scaled back editions of premium models.
Premium automakers should not scale back their cars for profit! Automakers
trick consumers with word play and trick them into buying less car. I’d
rather save for a better model.

Andrew Chiu says:

Automatic only, boo

MrMegaEnergy95 says:

Ive come from Corsa C UK and have liked and subscribed for the GoPro
competition. Hope I win! Thanks

Brian Rojas says:

I would still take the CLA over this 

MrThelarelol says:

It doesn’t replace the hatchback you American idiots.

Chris Fame says:

sophisticated car inside and out. but I don’t think it beats the interior
of the Benz but it’s on the same level as it.

SeverdSeouL says:

The official car of narcissistic douchebags with delusions of grandeur

Louis Mai says:

So sexy.

Zak Hill says:

I’m sold! I want one~

coriolis says:


Jason Weikert says:

That is not the baby. I own a smaller Audi than that and it is only two
years old it is a Audi A1 sportback. But it is not offered in the United

dave dunn says:

It looks so much like a jetta with an audi suit lol

Joel D says:

Gotta give you some guff for calling the Mk7 (“Mark Seven”) an “M.K.

Chefboy431 says:

Is Autoguide a Canadian channel or do u just film in Toronto ?

Scott Campbell says:

was dropping the 5th door a big mistake? yes.

jjuhring1 says:

Great review, Luke. Lots of content with a nice mix of objective
observations and personal opinion. One piece of feedback, it appeared you
were reviewing the quattro version but didn’t hear you mention that… or
whether you could choose FWD vs AWD with both engine choices.

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

I’d drive that!

tuparles trop says:

so this is a fancy GTI for 40.000 euros? that’s really gay 

Joe Morello says:

Cool review! : )

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