2015 Audi A3 Review

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Review of the 2015 Audi A3 with the 1.8T and the 2.0T engines. This car comes in at an amazing $29900 here in US and is an awesome little car.


subaruwrxfan says:

Great review Nick! I love the 3D effect when you displayed the specs! These
are good little cars, I think the biggest downfall is that the center stack
looks kinda plain on the inside. It’s a clean interior design though for
sure. I’m one of those people that loves the MB CLA and that would be my
choice I think if I wanted a luxury 4 door in this price range. I prefer
the interior and exterior of it over the others. I do love the Audi nav
screen with google earth though, looks so slick. And it’s always great to
see the use of gorilla to measure trunk space haha. It sounds like you had
to talk a decent bit louder when on the highway. Was the road noise bad at
highway speeds? It’s nice to hear that Audi didn’t punish people too much
if you stick with the base model, that’s refreshing. Keep the great reviews
coming Nick!

David Singer says:

Nick, would you say that the 2.0T is a rocket?

Smokin with Chris says:

The new format is cool! I like the car spec on the side while the video is
still playing, Well done Nick!

thisACOUNTisNEVRused says:

Why are all these established, luxury brands selling out? The’ve built
their market in selling *expensive* and somewhat *exclusive* luxury cars.
Do they really need to cater to the common denominator and sell cheap cars
to people who shouldn’t be driving them?

beeeneee says:

I believe your old Audi is a 3.2 quattro and not a 2.3 as you mention at
about 9:00 ;)

TobyTurnerspeedUp says:

i would like to see you review an e39 M5,or the new one,the f10 BMW M5

MickAv8r says:

Nick your specs on the 228i are a bit off. Its a 240 hp 2.0L turbo not
220hp. Its also comes with AWD as an option and most importantly BMW’s
N20/N26 engine has been dyno’d time and again and its putting 230-235 to
the wheels which means its seriously underrated by the factory. In other
words – the Bimmer is gonna eat the A3 for lunch.

Lolman240 says:

Nick, if your gorillas were hanging off a cliff and your M4 was about to
roll off that same cliff, what would you save first?

Also if you could get your hands on a Stingray or Z06 that would be much

applesappleapple says:

Amazing review as usual. Keep them coming please! As far as competitors, I
think the Acura ILX definitely competes. Like the A3 is based on the Jetta,
the ILX is based off the Civic. They’re both aimed at young people looking
for a more premium car. Next year, they’ll both have similar hp ratings,
dual clutch gearboxes, fancy led headlights, screens, etc. It’s not German,
but maybe youngsters don’t have as much of a bias for european/japanese

SuspiciousBulgarian says:

Damn, I forgot youtube can’t process a video so fast. Still 360p. 

Nathan McConnell says:

Hey, nick I know you don’t really review these types of cars but maybe
could you review a Nissan Juke?

Freddy Medina says:

Finally ! Had me worried there nick :b

Smokin with Chris says:

I really like the hatchback think it looks better than the sedan. Didn’t
the A3 initially be released in U.S. as a hatchback 

G says:

didn’t realise it was the car manufacturers that were supping up the prices
here in the uk. I always thought it was the tax. Darn bastards. What are
the speed limits where you live Nick, and any idea for a valentine
equivalent for here in the UK, as you have lived here before havent you?

z00h says:

You sure do like to suck on Audi’s cock eh?

jmin725 says:

Very intelligent reviews, Nick Murray! I do appreciate the thought and
research that goes into your reviews unlike others reviewers out there that
simply go off their head without the proper research. Well done. Keep up
the great work.

PS: May we get an updated M4 review? =)

Boris Artemyev says:

Hi Nick! Happy New Year!
Another great review.
One thing though – a 228i is a bit more powerful than a 2.0 A3 – the BMW is
at 240 HP from the 2.0L 4-cyl

1seipai says:

A well made video. Are you going to test the S3? 

Zachary Ong says:

That MMI intro looks cool but was laggy haha. Nick, in New Zealand you can
get a Volvo S60 T5 R-Design (the sporty, sexy model) for 73k! Oh, and the
standard S60 gets leather with no options…

Unknow N says:

Fantastic review nick!! I have been doing my research to get my first car.
Ive been considering a CLA250 but now that i know alot about the A3, Im
thinking twice! Thanks for the help.

TheMadIsReal says:

Theres also a Audi S3 that has the same body as the A3 but slight better
looking and better engine.

Afrykass says:

I don’t like the interior of this car. I like when car has a lot of
buttons, minimalism isn’t for me. 

Filip Sandberg says:

The 228i has 240 hp, not 220 mate :)
Other than that, great review.
Love the new format :)

Alex Vaos says:

2015 lexus ct200h is also a competitor at $32,000
1.8l hybrid with 140hp

Ward S says:

In the UK you have 20% VAT in the US there is no VAT.

Andrew says:

Can you try to review the 2015 Subaru WRX. Also maybe talk about how sturdy
the doors are and how comfortable the seats are in your reviews. Love the

hellomoto170 says:

I’ll never understand America’s disinterest in hatchbacks – you’d think if
you want a small car you get a hatchback (a3) and if that’s not enough, get
something a little bigger (a4) but apparently not!
P.S I like the Audi grill!

tackti says:

Hey Nick! I really like your review style and your additional thoughts you
share with us occasionally. The differences in pricing is a point i have
been thinking about myself. Do you have any information about the number of
cars bought by private owners? In germany, only 36,3 % of all cars were
sold to private owners. Most (around 90 %) of the more expensive cars, like
the BWM 5 or the Mercedes E or even the VW Passat are leased by companies
which give them to their employees (and reduce their income to lower
taxes…). The highest monthly leasing rate is often 500 Euro and you get a
new car every 2-3 years. Therefore, the asking price is not the most
important factor and this influences the selling price? 

techdude6693 says:

Now you just need to get your hands on the S3 ;)

Charles Austin says:

I imagine cup holder #3 and 4 appear when you pull down the center armrest
in the back seats

PersianBoyShayan says:

U forgot to talk about the sound system ^^

Nick Murray says:

2015 Audi A3 review

Fusay34 says:

You have one little mistake, 228i has 240hp, not 220.

Texas City says:

The 2015 Mustang Ecoboost premium cost around $30,000 and is way better
than this car and is a Ford. 

Rockport1911 says:

Nice comparision between the prices and cars which people go for.
I looked at an A3 limosine here in germany, and I have to say that they
arent worth my money. Either I go for a nice Volkswagen or an Audi A4. The
base models are looking very cheap, you have to shovel money into this car
to make it stand out. The US base model seems to have alot more features.
The S3 would be nice choice because it cost the same as a Golf R here.

And yes, it annoys me all the time how much less cars cost in the US… and
then theres the cheaper fuel…

Giorgos Papaioannou says:

Really nice review as always,the interior on this car is amazing,it feels
like you re sitting in a higher bracket car.I would also say that even the
jettas interior is superior in quality than the a class which is indeed

P.S imagine that in Europe people buy this car with 1.6 tdi 105 horsepower
and it fits them just fine,you guys there in the U.S have versions with so
much more power.

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