2015 Audi A3 Review and Test Drive

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The Audi A3 is finally back – and it’s bigger than ever! 2015 brings us a fresh new format – the Sedan. In fact, there will be 5 different variations of the …


Tanay Khandelwal says:

Is it allowed to drive in US without a no. Plate

Steven Behrendt says:

You guys need to upload more reviews. Always enjoy the videos thanks.

Mr. Berry says:

can you review the SQ5

Tanay Khandelwal says:

Does it have the auto assist

steveocho says:

Why buy a3 instead of an a4 (other than the fact that it’s cheaper)? 

jukijunk says:

I will buy this car if it comes with that free measuring tape in the

Rated_R_GameZ says:

Best reviews ever, very detailed keep up the good work.

Nicholas Cage says:

quality review

Dominic Toretto says:

ammazza oh che orecchie

Calvin M says:

Best Audi review on youtube!

david dykeman says:

You don’t have to say 2 point oh. Just say 2.

Martino Harly says:

s3 super sport seats when is it going to be avail ?

M30WMAN says:

Yes! Finally :)

SmaSagar says:

Love the reviews! 

Harry Hsin-Han Chung says:

Which one will you suggest, A3 or A4?
Is A4 worth added that little money?

Stefan Dimitrov says:

I noticed that this A3 came in Phantom Black Pearl, is that color available
for both the 1.8 and 2.0 models or certain packages? Also will that color
be available in Canada?

JeroldCab says:

Wish I’m still in California so I can buy a car from you guys!

Mike Smith says:

Where are the FOG LIGHTS?

david dykeman says:

Why do you say 2 point oh T. Why not just 2 litre? Same as 6 feet. You
don’t say 6 feet zero inches! I’m just saying. Must be an American thing as
we Canadians don’t say it the way you do. Good review by the way!

Tanay Khandelwal says:

The dash looks like the tt

Nicolai Simonsen says:

2015 Audi A3 Test Drive and Review: http://youtu.be/kutzOcfJdvM

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