2015 Audi A3 review | Consumer Reports

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Unlike some other entry-level German luxury cars, the Audi A3 feels true to its brand. Turbocharged power makes it fun and even basic versions are well equip…


basketball798 says:

You said it its all about the name brand that’s it! Which brings me back to
the point I made earlier people who buy cars like the CLA and A3 are the
people who just want the name brand leading others to believe that they are

Frederick Rothe III says:

+Cadillac #ATS is a much better vehicle than the A3.

Jamel Brown says:

Nice looking Jetta

basketball798 says:

People who get cla and a3 are wanna be rich people who like to show off 2
their friends and co workers how much money they have. They more reasonable
choice wood be a top of the line mid size sedan and hey some might even be
more fun to drive ( Accord v6, Camry sent V6, Fusion titanium).

oldschool1 says:

The point of this review, “How do you know if you’re a pompous ass?” :)
/cue video of Honda Accord and VW Golf

rkhrahmani says:

I wish you mentioned the impressive IIHS crash test results for A3.That is
one good reason not to seat inside a Camry.

lukash kowcz says:

If you think about it a base a3 costs 30k, a fully loaded sel golf with
more options costs about 30k and both have the same engine 1.8t and fwd and
the golf can be had with a manual so why not get a golf???

Leonard Hanson says:

I hope the 2015 A3 makes your Recommend list

comeacross728 says:

dual clutch? obviously not…

icecreamania says:

Much better car than CLA, IMO.

rbassdo says:

A3 – meh.
S3 – now ur talking!

남유동우 says:

Hahahaha! Why don’t you just buy a Golf? Why don’t you…..hahaahahahaha
consumer reports is going for humor xD

Jordan David says:

This guy seemed like a jerk at first, but he’s grown on me. Solid video.

tahj677 says:

Dear Audi,
Please work on improving your small overlap crash results. A poor
performance is not acceptable.
Someone willing to buy

rkhrahmani says:

I was waiting for this review for a long time and you did a great job.
Fortunately, it was exactly what I expected. I look forward to seeing your
ratings on your CR website.

95thRiflesOCI says:

No fog lights on a luxury nameplate zzz

kenbefound says:

$350 for an iPod cable!? You’re kidding right? Once you get the Quattro
version with the engine upgrade (I mean, why else would you buy an Audi)
and add a few minor options you’re looking at the better part of $40K.

dave dunn says:

PLEASE MAKE LONGER REVIEWS!! U guys are good but can be way better. Their
are so many youtube car reviewers and u would kick all their assess. 

siamiam says:

well done review

DevPack says:

Really thinking about getting one. Not sure whether trading my 13 Fusion is
a good idea though. 

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