2015 Audi A3 Review

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Learn how to join our launch party and/or reserve your A3 now: http://goo.gl/xctplv The Audi A3 is finally back – and it’s bigger than ever! 2015 brings us a…


failandprevail says:

Can’t bring myself to trust Audi’s reliability and the poor warranty
coverages aren’t reassuring.

rkhrahmani says:

I wonder if Audi is going to upgrade MMI to 4G in other models such as Q5
soon, or that would be for next generation Q5.

KalT adam says:

i have a question too, can you say in fact that audi with 170 hp really
sporty ? as well the sound and torque ? yeah i know nothing to say about
220 hp.. and its still a bit small for the rear passengers because of the
shaft tunnel or ? for the 3rd person its really small so its not very chep
but space with 2+2 …. ?

OfficialAudiMV says:

+Patrick Sarandi as you may know there are three “tiers” of Audi
performance. The “A” or “Q” models are the passenger vehicles. The “S”
models (for example, the upcoming Audi S3 sedan) are the “Sport” models.
The “RS” models are the high-performance models (RS stands for “Rennsport”
- German for “Racing”). So, there are RS options on most models worldwide –
but only a handful of them are made available in the United States.
Currently we have the RS5, RS5 Cabriolet, and the RS7. In recent memory we
have had the TT-RS, the RS4, and the RS6. As you know, the Audi R8 made a
pretty big splash when it came out in 2008; The R8 was named that way
because it would not have made sense to call it an RS8, seeing as there is
already an A8 and an S8 – and the R8 has nothing to do with them. Does that
answer your question?

rkhrahmani says:

29 hundred 9 hundred?
BTW, I really enjoy your reviews.

Philip Esterov says:

i need to test drive this car. 

Friscos Channel says:

I hope my job as a medical assistant. Provide enough to buy this bad boy!
Only make around 30 grand a year.

Hugh Gabriel says:

One thing can still be improved with German cars: reliability. The rest is

residentgarx says:

This was an excellent review, I really liked the detail that you put into
the video. Maybe for future videos, show a little more interior? I’m a huge
fan of a car that’s really comfortable when you’re going somewhere. All in
all, 10/10. I’d give an arm and a leg to have this car! 

FoxHoundADAM says:

I actually plan on waiting for the etron to find out. I’m just worried they
will price it out of my desired cost range. I also have concerns about
reliability being audits first production PHEV. 

yoyoluc says:

Is the 1.8T the same engine that’s in the 2014 Jetta? I have the ’14 Jetta
and I love that car. This would be a nice upgrade once my lease is up.

1965Manhattan says:

But does it have a spare tyre??? That was the deal breaker with the
Mercedes CLA.I don’t care if it has “runflats”. I’m not paying 30k for a
car without a spare.

ieon says:

good review man..its a good thing you know all the specs of the car.. also
make a review for all the line and pretty sure you’ll got a lot of
sales…good job!

Mark K says:

Well done

Kenny Feng says:

Do you really like Audi’s more than any car?

x7stringinJSCx says:

Very nice looking car. great review. How is the Mpg for the 2.0L? or do
they not have it out yet?

Ian Jan says:

Is the Audi connect system a subscription where you have to pay monthly for
the internet?

Sam Yoo says:

you deserve 10/10 on your sideburn. very well trimmed

Cullen Lea says:

Any word on the mpg for the tdi?

Charles Yih says:

Great review! This have got to be the most perfect car I’ve ever seen. 

culinologi says:

Hello from Wisconsin. I love your reviews, very clean and detailed. Couple
of questions. 1) How will this new A3 model influence the A4? The A3 looks
like a smaller version of the A4 (or a “better” VW Jetta).

I saw a review of a S3 (290-300 HP) so that trim will be close to an S4. I
will assume that the 2015 A4 will be “stepped up” to not “muddy” their
line-up. Meaning will the 2015 A4 have increased power, newer technology?

2) Will the A3 with TDI have Quattro? If so then I’d rather get that trim
than continue to wait for VW to bring TDI to it’s Tiguan line. Different
types of vehicles I know but that would fit my needs perfectly. I do not
need a CUV or SUV. Having a TDI model with Quattro is ideal for me. Quattro
would be great here in Wisconsin.

Congratulations on another successful video. I’d like to request an A6
video please.

Efrain Diaz says:

Great review, Hi I’m from Chicago and my question is the following, how
well does the Audi A3 drive in the snow and does it have a snow drive mode?

Bibi lard says:

I have a question. I black optic package on the S6, but want it on the A6.
When i configure my A6, I have no option to add it.
How can I add this option?

Martino Harly says:

when are the a3 are available ?
test drive ?

Giovanni Guevara says:

Great review and love the car! Two questions, does the screen that pops up
from the dash come standard or only for vehicles with navigation? and
second question is will audi make an option to have a roof rack on it?
Don’t want to put an aftermarket roof rack because the clips sometimes
scratches and peels the paint. Thanks!!

Devin Widjaja says:

Nice review sir! :)

Phansa Chaonpoj says:

i wish you mention about the remote control and the speakers! btw, i do
enjoy your reviews! (:

Joseph Waldrup says:

Great review as always. Torn between the A3 and A4 lol

FoxHoundADAM says:

I like the new A3 but it’s better as a hatchback. Shame the are only
offering it in the etron. May cost them my sale. 

Catherine Ton says:

when will the TDI be available?

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