2015 Audi A3 Test Drive Video Review

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http://www.autobytel.com/audi/a3/2015/?id=32972 The A3 is a very compelling car featuring wonderful German Engineering and 2 fuel efficient engine choices. T…


northstar15 says:

For about 34k you can get an A4 with Quattro and the bigger turbo engine
AND more luxury features. The A3 simply isn’t worth the money. They should
have priced it at about 27k. Then, it would be compelling, at least for me.

juschill7 says:

This guy should be working at Sears/Home Depot or Lowes. 

Franky just says:

I’m sorry but this car is way to expensive for what you get. For that you
can get the new 2015 vw gti. More space more power sport tuned suspension.
I’m guessing who ever buys this is for the Audi badge. 

mr bad example says:

for $35K i can get a one bedroom condo in a chicago suburb. Audi is
reaching with a $30K price for a car barely worth $20K, good luck!

albert aaberg says:

looks lika a Passat. never seen an uglier audi.

Ara J says:

29 K starting ?? jeez just get the CLA , I can’t find one spot where this
car have over the CLA 

ACEcolorado1 says:

I always thought the leatherette Audis used and the other German makes used
was good quality

Ivan Vojt says:

Overpriced Jetta.

Ivo Varbanov says:

Luxury car which is started with turning the key?! 0:) Audi is one of the
worst car makes on crash test, but people are so blind!

johnnyringo201 says:

Great review. 

derek owen says:

LOL is overused, but I actually laughed when you said 35k…out loud.

sic22l says:

Dual clutch DSG/S-tronic transmission isn’t just automated manual. It’s
quite different construction.

hgoodman9 says:

why not just buy a well appointed maxima?

kenbefound says:

I love those 5 spoke rims as well. So would probably just invest in some
17″ Summer performance tires and keep the multiseason’s for the rest of the

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