2015 Audi A3 – TestDriveNow.com Review by Auto Critic Steve Hammes

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TestDriveNow.com Drive Time review of the all-new 2015 Audi A3 Sedan 2.0T quattro S tronic by automotive critic Steve Hammes. MSRP as tested: $37195. http:/…


Ultimatemxcn says:

40000 for an audi Jetta seems a bit steep to me.

Kev erino says:

Audi’s website says dual automatic climate control is standard on all
models. Weird. 

RCtennis3811 says:

The A3 (and Mercedes-Benz CLA and BMW 1-series) is a great car that can
have tons of features added to make it feel more like a luxury car
befitting of a luxury badge. The problem is that those options quickly
raise the price, and most people won’t spec them as such. At the end of the
day, these base model “luxury” models with almost none of the features that
make a luxury car a luxury car are intended for those who value the badge
first and foremost. Unfortunately, these people with $35K budgets would
probably be better off with a fully-loaded mainstream car, such as an
Accord or Fusion, but that’s just too practical for some people to

Khu NoPie says:

Wow, Steve your associate test driver has been assisting you forever!
He is like the Simon to your Garfunkel, although he does have a propensity
to tailgate on occasion.

Will Duff says:

Cheap see thru shade for sunroof? Audi ain’t foolin me

Homer Simpson says:

Bu bu but it has an “Audi” badge.. 

Steve W says:

My feelings exactly, I felt like I was driving a VW. I also felt the
interior was lacking, especially the spartan dash, the cheap inside door
panels and no rear legroom. This is why I bought a Cadillac ATS. It cost
less too!

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

What once was @Audi’s entry-level hatchback is now the brand’s burgeoning
small car smorgasbord. #A3

Sebastian Prooth says:

I am currently renting a 2014 VW Jetta while one of my cars is in the shop.
This Audi and that Jetta have WAY too much in common. The Jetta, while
somewhat buttoned down is loud. It is also completely lacking in features –
most noticeably – there is blue tooth connectivity at all. For 37K Audi
should do better. My Acura ILX Premium has more features and is laid out in
a far more “expensive” way. 

ldawson103 says:

The design is so boring.

Barton McClain says:

Thanks for testing a base model….most of us viewers are not Trumps ,
Hiltons or have a rich uncle that could leave us a bundle of money…..some
of us live pay check to pay check and when it’s time to buy a new car a
base model is what we look at first and then work our way up if it can be
afforded and do the head scratching and comparison at the

brain96969 says:

Audi belongs to Volkswagen just like Porsche does

quietguy1948 says:

Great review (as usual), an okay car (VW, et al are high-cost maintenance
cars), steep buy in for what’s delivered. I know, I’m a “broken record”
but for $37+, the 2015 Genesis 3.8 would be my choice.

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