2015 Audi Allroad vs Infiniti QX60 Mashup Snowy AWD Review in TFL4K

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 Audi Allroad and the 2015 Infiniti QX60 don’t really compete. The Allroad is a traditional station wagon while the QX60 is a 3 row crossover. But which one…


Blake Brink says:

The infiniti may be a little pricey but it’s gonna be a lot more reliable
than it’s German counterparts 

Subaru Montreal says:

Please… Only the jeep Wrangler? I`m sure the Outback could make it

Drogos79 says:

cutting power has nothing to do with CVT. Outback has CVT and it would rip
that hill apart before giving up, granted traction control has to be off.
Tires, then traction control and only then actual AWD capabilities kick in

Johan Littorin says:

All-wheel-drive test without proper winter tires. All season tires are just
crappy all year long.

Raymond Davies says:


lfsracer79 says:

5:30 Surprise surprise, the Audi is handicapped by useless “all-season”

TheEryk03 says:

And that’s why Quattro is the best. 

Tristan Rios says:

Hey I had a loaner A4 2014 not too long ago and I was able to fully disable
the stability and traction control on it. I’d assume since this is an A4
wagon that it could do the same. You just gotta hold the esp button and
hold it for like 5-10 seconds. Who knows? Audi may have disabled that
function for the allroad. 

MRACPD Alpha says:

Which video is from the beginning of the intro called where the Dodge
Challenger spins out?

shy flutter says:

If they would have gunned it the shocks would compress and the bottom of
the car would take a big hit

Rdhazel01 says:

My last BMW 740il with the E38 engine had traction control that would cut
power to the wheels on ice and the engine would cut out. I hated that. Had
to turn off traction control to start moving in snow or on ice then turn it
on once I got going. 

Bruno Danese says:

Quattro is just a name.
For fucks sake people.

Audi uses Haldex or Torsen and just calls it quattro.

And this Audi does NOT run 4×4 all the time. That would use up too much
So it does have a centre diff that sends power to the rear wheels when it
detects front slip

Justin Kelly says:

The Raptor could of made it!!! Don’t be afraid of a little scraping!!!

headcas620 says:

The infiniti sucks because it’s a glorified minivan just like the
mallfinder. It’s just unnecessarily massive next to that allroad.

Andreas Lie says:

I love these snowy reviews, great job as always TFL!

dchawk81 says:

I weep for the owners of these cars who think they were sold something

MrKeyboardCommando says:

The Ford was better on the Hill of Death because it had more approach speed
and tyres appropriate for the conditions. 

Reissumies says:

Me driving with all-season tyres :DDD Next time use real winter tyres like
nokia hakkapeliitta :D

TheCobruhAlienat0r says:

You could have made it in the Raptor, you still had clearance to make it
over the hill.

Roman Bobrakov says:

Oh I remember the bloopers to this haha. :D

kulminaator says:

My only problem with the audi design is the sloped roofline and hatch
shape. This is about as impractical as it gets if you need to carry
something boxy. Can’t fit in much and if it does fit you have to careful
not to break the rear window while closing the hatch.


Wish NA got the RS6 wagon.

SkiRaceGeek says:

So the $54k AWD QX60 spins the front right and rear left and that is all
she wrote … that just proves my point that AWD is just a marketing

dchawk81 says:

Don’t need a short wheelbase Wrangler for that. C’mon now.

UnholyCrusade1337 says:

Xdrive vs Quattro snow mashup in the future maybe? :)

Jo Loui says:

am i crazy or this vid is a repeat?

4dshow says:

I’m not sure if I have missed anything, But i miss the tests where you guys
took vehicles up the track passed the gun range, Those videos really got me
hooked on TFLCar.

Not keen on the race track stuff.But the reviews from press release etc are

Plus thumbs up for 4K.

Cheers Lads.

Zachary Blanchard says:

I think that a car with a CVT should have set shift points . Like a
transmission. Then a Eco mode, to save fuel economy when desirable. 

kuruptedmunda says:

Why deliberately stop the car at 6:00 when trying to go over the hill?

Veronica Pejril says:

It would be interesting to see how these would perform with dedicated
winter tires, rather than the all-seasons you used.

Iam TheOsprey says:

Infinitis will always be Japanese Buicks to me. I’ve never seen one or
been inside one that seemed any more special or sophisticated than a
Buick. Nissans are garbage while Infiniti is just dressed up garbage.

liquidsilver1941 says:

When it comes to euro cars and Roman, I can’t take anything seriously. He
is so biased towards Euro cars .

curtis says:

ive never been to Colorado, it there snow all year round?

Glen Foster says:

Have you guys reviewed a Volvo XC70? 

Zeeman89 says:

Infiniti looks like its melting not a good design 

wantsanewvehicle says:

I am only at 1:50 but wow is the all road tiny or what..?

AndroBoy17 says:

Why are the cars so cheap in USA?!?!?

tunin111 says:

Revives here are getting lamer and lamer…

Marcus Foo says:

Why not test the Hyundai Santa Fe

SuperOz78 says:

Videos are becoming too long

Skyler Hernandez says:

Love the Audi in white

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