2015 Audi Q3 — 2014 Detroit Auto Show

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While most of our Cars.com reviewers at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit were pleased with the 2015 Audi Q3, reviewer Joe Bruzek wa…


tungol00 says:

Wow same 2liter from the golf. Wth audi..

markjwil says:

This small SUV shares the same basic architecture with the VW Tiguan, and
it will not be built in Germany. If Americans think their getting a
“premium” product with this car, they’re not. 

Gene Edmunds says:

looks like the Fiat 500. Not good…. give me the XV any day.

Dylan Wood says:

My guesstimate is $33k

Angelo DePaolo says:

nice job, I watched a lot of european reviewers talk about this car (as
they’ve had it for some time of course) and they weren’t nearly as thorough
or prepared with offering Objective information and relevant stats. Thanks!

jespernordlund97 says:

How is this a 2015 model, we have had it in europe for a long time …

khasu says:

2015 model (usa) like the audi a3 but no mention of 4g lte or a option for
bang and olufsen sound system and a dated center dash. when the a3 has a
lower base price and is coming out in Q1 and the q3 in Q3

PussMag says:

entry level SUV starts at the price of a MidSize premium SUV, what a ripoff

Aviann Sullivan says:
Javier López-Quiñones says:

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