2015 Audi Q3 Review

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The new Audi Q3 is a compact crossover that joins the brand’s larger Q5 and Q7 models. From the signature grille to its “coupe-like” profile everything screams pure Audi, but is it? Subscribe…


AutoGuide.com says:
Khu NoPie says:

That music is quite silly

Anthony Cuda says:

I’d rather buy a VW Tiguan R 4-Motion

Fazlkarim Khan says:

I’m Getting The Lexus NX200t Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay Better Than The Audi Q3

Skyler91 says:

This Q3 looks boring and quite old, except for the exterior :p

Kareem Julien says:

Wow… this interior is soooo low budget… I’m pretty surprised that Audi
would make the interior so cheap.

Elliott Manning says:

The problem with the Q3 is that the interior is not new Audi, it’s old

Ara J says:

low power , mediocre fuel economy , and ugly ….recipe for disaster 

MotoGuide says:

Craig, what is your daily driver?

Johnson L says:

NX’s interior is much nicer than this cheap Q3′s interior

fearfactz1 says:

Right off the bat “The Q3 is a bit disappointing”. Good job on your

symawd says:

I agree that the Q3 is mediocre compared to other Audis. However, I work
at an Audi dealer and we cannot keep them in stock. In fact most of them
are sold before they even arrive. 

Andrew Mccullough says:

Could you guys at auto guide start using subtitles so my friend can read
what’s being said.? It would be very helpful if we can watch the entire
video and we both could understand.

Yippie says:

Isn’t it basically a VW Tiguan in new cloths?

tepeke88 says:

VW did the same thing with the 2011 jetta. Way to nab a couple more sales
by downgrading its products. For VW it was understandable but for their lux
division its disappointing! 

Nyana11 says:

i jumped from 3rd floor after the music ,guys.

MotoGuide says:


Blake Swan says:

Its so overpriced and ugly. Moms/men with identity crisis will love it

Fazlkarim Khan says:

Yes But Automatic Transmisssions Are Better Because We Don’t Have To Shift
The Shifter So Many Times

IcyRyce says:

The grill looks like they ripped it off a b7.

tornpixel says:

Who’s doing the editing on these videos? I made something more professional
looking back in high school on Windows Movie Maker. Even the music sounds
like it’s straight from some cheapo copyright-free track site. This host’s
scripting is terrible too, trying so hard to be funny and emphasizing every
word to the point of migraine. I’m not trying to troll or anything, it’s
just the truth.

madant1977 says:

It seems this is how it goes when you want a lower price in US. How well it
will go depends who will buy it there, rich people that want a cute smaller
Audi or people stepping up in standard and finally affording an Audi but it
has to be an SUV also.

H0okemh0rns says:

Considering the Lexus NX is out there, I can’t believe someone would buy
this thing. This is an example of Audi reaching the limit of “we will put
whatever half-assed car out there and people will buy it”.

Amir Pi says:

Great car!!!i rather drive my Land Rover :)

Chuck Silva says:

According to JD Powers and Associates, Audie is ranked second from the
bottom of the heap. Only Range Rover is worse. I owned two Audis and had
nothing but problems with them. And believe me they are not inexpensive to
repair. According to JD Powers and Associates, consumers reports and others
the problem with these and other similar “” luxury automobiles are that
they’re over engineered. In other words they’re too complicated for their
own good.

Evan Hubbard says:

Just some constructive criticism, not too crazy about the new camera
angles, and the intro.

Fazlkarim Khan says:

It Is Wayyyyyyyy Better Than This You Bastard

Ivan Vojt says:


Vlad Saghin says:

Glorified Tiguan…

Martin Espinoza says:

Q3 quattro is only 100lb less than the original *A8 Quattro* …

Noel Jacobs says:

I love Audi, but I’ll just a GLA instead. 

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