2015 Audi Q3 – TestDriveNow.com Review by Auto Critic Steve Hammes

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Drive Time review of the all-new 2015 Audi Q3 2.0T Premium Plus quattro by automotive critic Steve Hammes. MSRP as tested: $38625.


Nima Bahrehdar says:

Great review!
I would test drive it if it had a nice interior, the current one is bland,
and better MPG.

Kyeongwoo Nam says:

So you have tested Q3, NX200T, and XC60. which one is your favorite? 

Jarrett Bing says:

What kind of car do you drive ? just curious 

Torrey B says:

Holy shit that is hideous. 

Mateen S says:

I test drove this last week. Coming from the A4, there was a noticeable
amount of road noise in the cabin and I had to floor the pedal to pass on
the highway. The cabin had a drab feel to it,

heath71398 says:

Please do a review on the new Mercedes GLA250 ASAP!! Thanks 

Robert Williams says:

I bought a 2014 VW Tiguan and outside of a few Audi touches it doesn’t seem
worth the extra cash for the Q3.. at least until a redesign. I don’t have
as many bells and whistles in my SE 4 motion model but for $27,500 with
MSRP of $30,500 it was a bargain compared to $38,000 for this model. 

Bob808 says:

When I saw your video, I had a feeling you wouldn’t be too enthusiastic
about it. It’s been on sale here in Aus for a while, and it seems to be
doing well. I see them all the time!

Scott Villeneuve says:

I think next years X1 is going to set this market segment on fire. 

Ali Alsowaileh says:

I could swear I just saw you in HEB dude lool
Huge fan..
If you saw a creepy dude with a hat looking at you.. that would be me

Veyronp87 says:

the rear tailights look like this: >..< LOL

DancinRandy54 says:

you can get back up camera and blind spot monitoring on the prestige 

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

The new to the USA 2015 #Q3 is the new gateway to the #Audi SUV lineup.
Here’s my take…

bestpilot98 says:

YAWN! looks like every other audi ever made. 

Nikita Gofman says:

Looks better then q5 I like it 

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