2015 Audi RS 7 Sportback Start Up, Test Drive, and In Depth Review

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CutHardstylez says:

to all you people saying this car is expensive and luxury, it’s not, it’s
easily affordable 

Fred Schriks says:

In europe we have launche control on all of the RS models. 


That hideous paint *shudders* why would they ruin such an elegant car with
such a terrible color. 

Majed Al-Salem says:

My neighbor has this car, he owns audi and volkswagen dealerships in qatar


These side marker lights are awful… Why wouldn’t they integrate them with
the main lights clusters?

ProteanView says:

The engine sounds like an old Chevy Suburban, or an 1980s Chevy Malibu SS.

money says:

It’s no doubt that this Is the best looking car in the class. Amazing

marc1093280 says:

I think I would rather pay $60,000 and get a Bentley or just buy a
pre-owned one for roughly the same price.

Jordany Vargas says:

Honda civic SI rims much?

tijean sharpe says:


Timothy Ziegler says:

looks exactly like a jaguar f type

VuurwerkCrewDeurne says:

recorded on my birthday!

Vane Ajta says:

14:20 0-60 and 1/4 mile times are faster than the “fastest” v8 in the world
they say the Challenger SRT Hellcat. Well.. German Engineering at its best!

soxredsox says:

you can get a used aston martin cheaper. ugly ass back.. 

Dave Jubens says:

I hope you get to film the TT RS some day

MightyDMV says:

Why does it sound like a lawn mower?

2JZBobby says:

I love both the color and the wheels but I can’t really decide whether they
go together or not. I also like how Audi used a conventional shifter. 

PlazmaBooy says:

You say 2015, but it’s just been facelifted with new lights, and other
subtle changes :-) or maybe that’s just the A7? Don’t know if they’re that

Davy Jones says:

560hp with 16/27 mpg. Are you kidding me!?

Prescription0lmg says:

I would fuk the car. Like literally stick my dick in the gas door and fuck

Song Ji Hyo says:

Amazing car and awesome review!!!! :D Really hope you would do the Nissan
Teana 2014 one day heehee :D 

carlos mansker says:


Gio Gogilashvili says:

This Is RS7 Bitches !!! Thanks Kyle… That’s A BEAST ! But RS6 C6 Is Still
My Favourite !!! What A Dat Car !

Andreas Lie says:

Whats up with that horn?? EU cars have a different horn…

GreatToastMigration says:

I saw a black RS7 right next to an Audi R8 convertible at my Audi
dealership. Out of the two, I’d take the RS7. 

NorwegianKicks says:

what is that orange thing on the side of the car? It ruins the car..

Eren Dursun says:

audi rs6 please :)

Klevzz says:

I got a tear watching this. This is in my opinion by far the greatest
designed car next to the Aventodor… This is truly my dream car. Hopefully
I can get one in the next 10 years he.

Abdul_747 says:

Amazing exhaust!

panikpaus says:

Audi RS6 next? Thanks for a great review!

Tech Rec says:

Do more audi reviews

WhiteSlift says:

“Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”…because ‘MURICA!

Jonathan Washington says:

Give me different color, wheels and a flat bottom steering wheel and im

MisterConsuela says:

Very nice review for a very clean car! Could you please do an in-depth tour
of the SQ5 sometime? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

MoN sTeR says:

Can’t wait to this car come home omg :D Im so happy :D

cambear11 says:

One of the best front grills in the industry though, please do the Q3 !

analanalyst says:


TheZombaslaya says:

I was able to sit in one of these and I tell you, those seats were so
comfortable. They had the hexagon pattern though. 

nissanhusky95 says:

Faster than an M6 Gran Coupe as far as I know about this

SilentHill401 says:

This beautiful car looks and sounds menacing. If I had the $$$, I’d easily
choose this over a 6 Gran Coupe and a CLS. Always loved Audis more in
general than other similar German automakers

TheCobruhAlienat0r says:

I’m in love with that exhaust note! But it looks like in typical
Audi/Volkswagen fashion that the car is already leaking some kind of liquid
in two different spots. lol

Jean Fernandez says:

Hate the rims, everything else is beautiful. 

Bob Dobalina says:

Why do people pay for an upgraded sound system? I can’t hear the difference
when I watch these videos.

XantoS441 says:

Is that matte paint?

Melvin Jefferson says:
AlHoSaNii says:

:D i already bought one a month ago Exclusive Edition… its truly amazing

Kevin Li says:

Everything changes after they decide to put the car on the American market.
Damn America sucks except the low price. M5 E60 has a shitty launch control
and a different software system on the SMG-III then Europe, totally shit.
Alfa Romeo 4C has to add a few hundred pounds to comply with the Safety
regulations on cars. and now RS6 is not offers in US but a cut down RS7
version which does not even have launch control. 

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