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MotoMan drives the NORMALLY ASPIRATED, 450HP V8 2015 Audi RS5. After going through the tech behind this car, how it performs and its rarity, he makes a very …


Richard Wahl says:

I have always considered this car to be a German take on the American
muscle cars. It even looks like a muscle car, seriously. Look at it from
the side, and then look at the new Camaro and the Mustang from the side.
All three have very similar lines and characteristics. I just wish it had
horsepower like the $55,000 Camaro Zl1, or even the $60,000 Dodge
Challenger Hellcat, while the RS5 has less than the Americans with a price
tag of $80,000. Still love the Audi RS5, wonderful, beautiful car. 

A Freethinker says:

I quit watching at 5:35. The background sounds (the engine in this very
case) is too loud with respect to the volume of the narrator’s voice.
Irritating. Sorry guys.
Also, the volume of the voice itself fluctuates too much. In every video.
MotoManTV has a challenge with sounds, that has become clear to me.

DH Bennett says:

Can I get it in Plum Crazy Purple? Actually I saw one of these cars on my
way to work today, a coupe in the same Nardo Grey. And there is something
clearly unicorn-like about these cars. You can’t help but wonder if the guy
driving it is a genius or he bought an 89′ Indy 500 Firebird.

The sight of this car did make me ask a question that might interest you.
Is it our fault, as Americans, that the Germans make cars like this? I live
in Atlanta, and our streets are full of A5′s, 991′s, and 6 Series. You
can’t help but notice the increased size, weight, and power output of cars
from the German big four (BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, & Audi) is almost
perfectly proportional to the success of those makes in America over the
last 30 years. For crying out loud, the A4, 3 Series, and 911 aren’t really
even in the same car segments they were in 30 years ago!

So what do you say MotoMan? Did we make the Kraut Rockers fat?

justin bouche says:

that sound though… worth it.same reason i will never give up my M3 coupe
4.0 for a new I6 M4 coupe. V8 all the way

Torrey B says:

Stupid, oversized car. worst car audi has made in a while… any of the
A5′s in my opinion… the engine, however, is a different story.

Carlitos Ramos says:

Driving a *convertible* feeling like you’re at the top of macho mountain? I
don’t think so lol.

Joel deSanto says:

Simple hardtops that are only two or three pieces. 

nastraightsix says:

I personally prefer the traditional canvas tops but with a significant
caveat. The charm (hearing rain drops on a well insulated canvas top as an
example), inherent savings in weight, and appearance tip the favour towards
canvas – only if it is a second car here in the snowy east coast.
Maintaining a canvas top with salt thrown into the equation is only
something a detailing nut would enjoy. The security factor of a hardtop is
something I have not encountered thus far either with my vehicle, but I
believe is the strongest argument for a hardtop. 

shane peters says:

I feel Folding canvas convertible are lighter also if you buy a
convertible its for the top down and the sun in our face.but the hard top
convertible look good on some cars.this Audi looks good the way is. In my

epiphonedotblack says:

Hey MotoMan! Not sure where to ask but please please make a video of the
new mazda cx-3! I know you can get all the real insider info from the
designers and the great coverage we all love :)

Csab says:

Nice freaken review!!!

Jason Wu says:

Soft top for me. For some reason, the hard top ones seem just nongenuine…
and what road is that?? One way canyon rd??

IceDree says:

Yep, Cloth Tops are the way to go in 4-Door convertibles … As long as
there’s a compartment it folds on to … The exposed ones look cheap…
Nice color & that exhaust !!! Oh my …
Btw, love the editing M

frozenzoo says:

ich frag mich wie gut er deutsch kann :D:D

Hugo Viegas says:

Nice Audi but now I would like to see more of that Rapide S, please!

t Harris says:

2015 Audi RS5 SHAKE DOWN: http://youtu.be/ENeC7vbIdQ4

Mazdaspeed L says:

Soft top of course! Miata anyone?

MotoManTV says:

Join us for not only a rare car but a rare ENGINE – at least for these days
- a NATURALLY ASPIRATED V8 in the 450 HP 2015 #Audi #RS5

Edward Mannuzza says:

I like the hard top convertible. 

ExotikZBoy17 says:

hardtops are chick cars

shopwithaaron says:

Always entertaining and informative.

brave warrior says:

cloth top , anytime………………..

Ronald Suizo says:


Rob Holic says:


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