2015 Audi S3 2.0T Quattro Start Up, Test Drive, and In Depth Review

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LavishPrince says:

Ugly interior, dashboard looks plain and cheap, and those air vents look
like they came off a hummer h2

hartsickdisciple says:

Costs over 41-50 grand. Can’t get a 6-speed manual in the US. That sucks
bad. I would seriously consider this car if it were around 35-36 grand and
came with a stick.

dennisscipio says:

Why do most luxury cars us a lot of automatic transmission?

Evan Berretta says:

I’m sorry Audi, but for the “king of interior design” this is a huge
disappointment. I would even take a 3 series BMW’s interior over this.

Jonas Horn says:

Finally an Audi again!

13blackdiego says:

Very good looking little car. I wasn’t even aware they made this in a
sedan, I thought they were all those ugly hatches.

Andreas F says:

The interior looks so naked

Alecmartin01 says:

Kyle, when will the 458 be uploaded?

patrick jensen says:

Audi somehow manages to make their cars more expensive every year while
constantly cheating you out of a good engine

Corkoth55 says:

no way i’d buy this in automatic… where’s the fun…

simplicated99 says:

Wish there was a coup version of this 

JohnnyQuest says:

Is it all Audi’s that have the oil consumption problem? I’d love to buy on
but have heard a lot of bad things with this maker about that specific

E34Benzin says:

Again, the rear part of the review should be in first person as always.
It’s much better.

N-SPEC .Racing says:

Great profesional review!

Dinç Dalgün says:

Good review. But you are talking too much at the middle of videos. And you
doesn’t got Audi videos. You should review LCI A4, LCI A5, and LC
A8.Totally you are the best in this job. 

Bo Wang says:

How did u like Plano, TX? 

bixel_44 says:

Hey man can you do an bmw m235i please 

Μιχάλης Ηλιάδης says:

You have come so far away from your 2009-2010 videos.You now show us test
drives exhaust clips etc….GREAT WORK !!!!

Jordan Munoz says:

Plano? That’s like 20 minutes away from me, do a meet and greet, Kyle! :)

Hanosh Bamboat says:

Can we please have more Mercedes than Audi. Audi’s are boring.. Kyke Benz

SuperSonu says:

Personally, I would never buy the new CLA, A3, or future 1 Series. IMO,
either get the standard C-Class, A4, 3-series, or a fully loaded economy
car. This new sub 30k luxury car market is targeted to people who know
nothing about cars, and who only look at the symbol in front of the car…

Fred Schriks says:

I hope that audi bilds an RS3 again. 

Lolman240 says:

The S5 has always been my dream car but recently I have been considering
this S3 and A5. My budget only allows me to either purchase a new S3/A5 or
a used 2013 S5…Any suggestions? 

faisal mohammed says:

Tesr challenger hellcat, rt and charger rt, hellcat .

Serxhio Cami says:

For 50k I’d rather get an E60 M5…

noon4531988 says:

I was thinking what I buy and it was in my mind but when I saw the interior
I changed my mind and know I im thinking about c250

Rick W says:

Is the center console armrest adjustable?

Aurelio Salazar says:

Kyle, we need more info on that color. I cant find it on the Audi website.

Biff Tannen says:

$41,000? Nah I’ll get Dodge Challenger 2015.

cobra454tim says:

Wonder if this is the engine that the Golf R with AWD will be getting?

Juan Pablo Barrera says:

@ 10:44 you can tell that this car is actually a disguised VW GTI.

bohemia187 says:

290hp? wtf

c350 n 335 both hav over 300 n this should compete w c63/m3

marc1093280 says:

Great review Kyle, keep up the good review. However, German luxury cars
(Audi, BMW, Mercedes) are really overpriced for what you are getting. A
nicely equipped ATS for $46K is way better.

Nitrotech23 says:

Golf R

Insert Coin says:

Audi, always more even.

fishtankfreak says:

For $50,000 as shown? I dunno if this is going to be trying to compete with
the CLA….

Hakeem Olajuwon says:

Same song for every car review….c’mon kyle.

Tom Peary says:

‘Sport of touch’?????

TheJensXD says:

Haha the back lights.

mrkongsimr says:

What an amazing car , it looks like it buries our GTI .
Like you driving the car´s
Thank you 

Crana says:

I’m surprised to see it even has a spare tyre, most new cars seem to come
with those silly puncture repair kit pump things. A space saver will get
you home at least whereas you might not be able to repair a puncture – or
have to wait a few hours for a breakdown company.

xCkillaxC says:

Wtf did they do w/ the dash? 

Ryan Enstad says:

Another top notch review. Thanks Kyle!

Richard Nunez says:

You should do a hummer model

LE2CLAN1 says:

Could you do a review on the new m3, m4 and m5? Manual versions would be
nice too.

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