2015 Audi S3 First Drive Review: So fast, So Fun, and So Formal

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 Audi S3 is entry level hot performance Audi sedan in the United States. That’s enough to earn this speedy Audi AWD Quattro…


ukropadam says:

U can get fully loaded STI and it still will be cheaper then this glorified

Plinio Machado says:

Awesome little car, but – lack reliability and high price parts keep me
away from audi.

Slickpete83 says:

the weight distribution must suck on these cars , the engine so far in the

Daniel Maia says:

300hp is nothing fun with that quattro, you can’t toss this car, it won’t
make donuts, all it will do is understeer. The WRX STi is way more fun and
you can even buy a EcoBoost Mustang with that money and tune it for even
more fun. The S line is supposed to be the regular car but with more fun
but the S3 isn’t at all.
Ps: the interior doesn’t get the new instrumentals of the new TT? Looks
cheap compared to the TT even though is 10x better than the STi’s

The Fast Lane Car says:
curseknight5 says:

id take the cla45 amg..

Liv Z says:

Chip it and you get 12.1 quarter mile and 3.7s 0-60. That’s 600$ for
something that eats M3s. It will absolutely destroy the CLA 45 AMG if
chipped all while costing 10k less. 

t Harris says:

2015 Audi S3 First Drive Review: So fast, So Fun,…:

macbookpro57 says:

Will the engine in this be the same one in the new golf r?

stancedchannel says:

292 hp ? Thats cute
Evo X FQ400 400 hp 2lt engine

dinonoce says:

What?!? No 0-60 run?

Eric Pettersen says:

I have to admit I would still much rather have a Mercedes CLA-45 AMG


Just isn’t quite enough to catch my attention as a buyer. Nice car, but
just doesn’t do it for me. Not necessarily very fast. The Quattro allows
for great grip but causes understeer and the car isn’t necessarily the
funnest thing to toss into a corner either. The car isn’t necessarily
radical looking or exciting to look at either, looks nice, but not
“inspired” at all. The sound is pretty good, not enough to really make it
desirable however. The RS3 needs to improve on this without costing more
than 55k US. Probably going to go for the CLA45 as it’s more exciting for
me, sounds better as well and is faster. However when the RS3 comes out,
whenever that is, it should be a great match up. 

robert shinenne says:

The shift is a bit faster than the AMG CLA45…just a tinny bit..But the
rare seat is kinda small….I mean very small :D

Yamil says:

I like Audi but idk this car is just blahhh it doesn’t really call my
attention. If they come out with an RS3 maybe it’ll be better. 

Gavin Sloma says:

“Audi say they uh made the engine better uh took parts out and made them
better” dude its your job take the damn time to retain some of the info
they gave you in the brief, thats whats its for. So you can relay it back
too idk me…. 

ThorMaxx says:

But does Nathan fit in the trunk?!

Evander Smart says:

The dash is VW-cheap, and no manual transmission sucks.
But the rest rocks!
Th A3 carries this genreic styling of Audi the best. The A4, A6, and A8
just look lame

Nitrotech23 says:

I’d buy the Golf R personally

Milenko Boljevic says:

I saw new Audi A3 sedan about a month ago on the street and it looks great!
I can imagine how this S3 looks, even better! 

Torrey B says:

nice, looking forward to the hatchback/Golf R versions

max audi says:

Nathan sounds like he’s recovering from a nice hangover

Yippie says:

It looks like a cheap economy Audi but it costs almost $47,000! For about a
$1000 more I’d rather have a base BMW 335i xDrive Sport Line. 

CrewNYC says:

Great first drive review. I’m curious as to what cameras you’re using in
cabin for this review. I’ve noticed in the past you’ve had Contour and
Drift Innovation, is this new one better?

goatmonkey2112 says:

That’s a cool little car. Nice and stealthy. It can be nice to not
announce performance. I sat in one at the car show and the back seat is
pretty much useless behind me, but with 2 short passengers it could be
usable as a 3 person car. You sit low enough that there is decent

LuBano says:

They look so small in person!

Sawashi32 says:

@ 6:50 really cool video shot. 

Leo Fikremariam says:

I really like the blue color. 

robbielex says:

11:19 What’s the 2nd reason goddammmnit!?!?!?!?

vader11111 says:

Too bad no manual option.

theokan89 says:

Maybe it does everything good, but so does my dishwasher..audi is becoming
an appliance..

PussMag says:

…. So expensive

KillaBandit says:

Golf R basically under the skin for a lot more money. I will take the R
easily over this! 

Stuart Anderson says:

Little bit of an abrupt ending?

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