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Fresh off driving the VW Golf R, MotoMan drives it’s MQB cousin, the 2015 Audi S3. What’s the differences between these two cars as well as how the S3 is VER…


gfellmer says:

I had a deposit down on a 2015 Golf R back in May, 2014, but then VW pulled
a fast one and announced late last year that the first 500 vehicles were up
for grabs via the Internet. Boo.

As a result of that, I decided in December to test drive the Audi S3. Well,
I drove home with it. While I never drove the Golf R and suspect it might
be more race car tuned than the S3, I found myself enjoying the more
sophisticated Audi. And, my wife reminded me that I’m 44 and maybe the Golf
R is for a younger demographic.

Anyway, I love my S3.

David Reese says:

The problem is it’s not a mid $40,000 car its a high $40,000 car almost 50

crossphaded says:

Ford Focus RS +MotoManTV! I am an Audi guy thru and thru, but the recent
news from Ford that they will be bringing the Focus RS to the States is a
game changer! It will blow the doors off a Golf R and will undercut the
price of an S3. Yes, its a Ford, but I guarantee its will handle and
perform better than the Golf or this S3. And, it comes in a manual! Case

IceDree says:

I read somewhere that the S3′s “Quattro” is fwd & only engages awd when its
necessary … can’t remember where though.
Yea Magnetic Ride is the #$%# ! If its an option, you gotta have it!
I like Audi’s retractable screens, much better idea than the iPadish
solution of Mercedes … good news is Benz will fix it in the C-class, the
latest spyshots have a C with 2 wide screens like the big daddy S.
How many fake buttons does it have? I noticed at least 2.

As for your question,
Of the 3 cars, if i must, it will be the CLA45 AMG …. Because AMG ;) You
already know why I’ll pass on the MQBs & I’m not a Subaru guy at all.
The thing with the CLA45 though, is the frickin price! I went to mbusa to
build one (48500 base) & i added the AMG Driver’s Package ($1950), AMG
Sport exhaust ($450) & Panoramic roof … and its already 53k !!!! So, for
that of money … i specd an ATS 3.6 Premium (only way to get Magnetic
Ride, i hate when they do that) with a Sunroof & The optional Olive Ash
wood (Black interior comes with an Aluminum trim) … all for 50k and a

As always, excellent video M.

Rade Narancic says:

Would get an S3, but a hatch, not a sedan. Better ride, better quality
materials inside, better infotainment system, B&O > Fender, etc.

Georgi Trifonov says:

The real question is: why get this over a Golf R?

Roop Dhillon says:

I like it, I would like to see this vs IS350 f sport

vidurc says:

Electronic adjustable dampening would be better than magnetic ride control
for the simple fact that each shock costs 800-1000 dollars. If that ever
had premature issues and you’re out of warranty or the second owner that
would not be good. Don’t know why they like to complicate the system like
that. Same goal achieved and one is more serviceable than the other. 

seth Perry says:

50K for that? No thanks. Q50S SMOKES it for less money with more tech, more
luxury, more reliability. Can’t hate the car because it’s very nice but it
should be no more than 37-40K.

Joel deSanto says:

Fan Boi Fax: 5-50% rear-bias, stage 1 ECU tune = S7 speed (3.7,9.2
0-60,100), NOT built in Germany but Hungary (just like the GTI being built
in Mexico). So, in an essence, the Golf R is actually the most German car. 

Reid Conti says:

Test drove the S3 and loved it; still waiting for the R to land. But Golf R
because hatch and manual, both of which are non-negotiable. Glad the R has
DCC but I’d switch to 18″ wheels because 19s seem a bit excessive. The Audi
badge doesn’t do anything for me, and I don’t need the nicer interior
because the R is plenty nice already.
Glad the 2016s will have CarPlay, bigger screen, and a faster processor for
the nav/media player.

t Harris says:

2015 Audi S3 FIRST DRIVE REVIEW: http://youtu.be/HSMCcL-uDaw

Bruce Browne says:

When I was in my early 20′s, I bought my first brand-new car: the original
stateside “hot hatch,” a 1983 Rabbit GTI. I loved that car and drove the
heck out of it for the next 7 years. Every car I’ve owned since then has
also been a manual. This time however, 30-some years later, I picked the S3
… “sportronic” and all. One test-drive was all it took; the car is on
order. The R is no doubt an excellent car, and possibly the better value.
I was sold on the overall style and comfort of the Audi — with speed and
agility on tap when desired. 

Csab says:

I would go with the golf it cost less has a manual and the dash board looks
much better than in the audi. Good job motorman are you a a car sales man?

Carl Moritz says:

does NOT compete with the CLA AMG nor the M235, the RS3 would do that,
there is nothing besides the Golf or Subie you would compare it to
performance wise, that said the S3 is a huge step up in fit & finish. 2015
S3 sepang blue 19″ perf. pack, B&O stereo & Nav OWNER :o)

vaajchang says:

Of this segment, maybe the sti. Bc of the parts availability, ease of
maintenance, long lasting reliability, and the awesome sound!

YuJia Liu says:

Me and my wife are in our mid 20s, after bad choice on cars(2012 Audi A6,
2010 Audi Q5), we finally understand that we dont need big cars(no kids)
and got our self a 15 subaru STi and bmw M235i. Subaru is a weekend car
because is much more composed and engaging to drive on anywhere. BMW is a
great car, very powerful, quiet and comfortable, but the suspension is not
on par with the sti, the rear is too lose for any kind sport driving. Why
no audi or mercedes? Audi is basically a FWD so is the mercedes cla45, they
both using cheaper everything compare to their own line up(cheaper quattro,
FWD bias 4matic, CLA’s interior is a shame on mercedes, so is the Audi’s
shape). I think BMW wins on this one, it kept the same quality, same
concept as their higher end cars, they put m235i as a lighter, more compact
4, not a more expensive mini, it use the same FR as any of the bmw as it
should, same interior parts as any bmw. In the other hand, Audi or mercedes
would never put a FWD on any other mercedes besides CLA, because it’s not a
real mercedes tradition(too cheap), Audi is basically a VW with different
design, not even more expensive design. Subaru? you will forget any of them
once you drive it :) you can check my channel about driving sti on mt

André Portughezit says:

Volkswagen Golf R, because it has a manual.

Enadi Pasholli says:

Golf r because I wouldn’t want the entry level Audi and the manual just
seals the deal

aehmt says:

longest explanation of individual settings anyone can imagine..asdfghjjkk

R-N- M says:

Focus RS > VW Golf R > Audi S3

Eric Beckman says:

Well, I’ve pre-ordered a MkVII Golf R. Why? Better value for the money.
The Audi really has the same stuff only you’re paying to have four rings
in the grille.

NebPWN says:

CLA45 Shooting Brake, cuz its a wagon 

billm47645 says:

As someone that had a GTI and also an American, I am predisposed to like a
sedan style better (and I would get better compliments from my
non-enthusiast friends), but I suspect the Golf R is a bit more
aggressively tuned and almost $10K cheaper fully loaded. VW needs to bring
this chassis into the GLI to satisfy my enthusiast desire and my
non-enthusiast friends aesthetic tastes. 

Elliott Manning says:

I would get the S3. It looks better than the WRX STI or the CLA45 AMG and I
am not too concerned about understeer because I am not the best driver to
begin with, so my S3 would never hit the track. Also, I live in Michigan,
so most of our roads go straight with not many of curves,

Michael Yarber says:

I would get the Type R, lighter and the manual for sure, but if I was going
to spend 49k for the S3 then I would spend another 10k to buy a base 2014
Stingray with 460hp.

themejorshit says:

I definitely prefer the Golf R because it’s looks better form interior to
exterior than WRX, GLA45 and the S3. Also you get good quality for a better

Benjamin Cody Babcock says:

I would get the VW R, not only because it offers three pedals, but also
because of the hatchback functionality. 

Lan Yu says:

Golf R. Cheaper to buy. Cheaper to own. Better performance.

Adam Reed says:

I would take the VW Golf R (dsg) because it would be annoying to have to
shift with all of the stopping involved where I live. And the 0-60 time is

Ron Palick says:

I would go with the VW R because of the manual tranny. For 50 K Loaded on
the S-3 I just can’t see the value other than the badging….

rvtBC says:

S3 interior is a much nicer place to spend time in vs. the Golf R. More
refined, better materials and info interface. And I’m not in college


VW Golf R but not, due to the badge and Audi S3 but not, due to not hatch.

roblovestar says:

S3. Love the look, the quality interior, the B&O sound system, the huge
sunroof. And too much traffic to row through where I live.

Phil Wappner says:

Or you could buy an SS sedan or Taurus SHO or Charger RT for nearly the
same price.

DieselDan09 says:

S3 all the way…better looking more prestige..interior

qburt19 says:

I would get the golf r hands down. (Moving hands and arms excessively)

lilredexptsc says:

Would definitely go for the Golf R over this mainly because it offers a
manual transmission plus it’s a bit cheaper. 

MrJonaske says:

Hope the new Honda civic type r will kick all their asses,inc the Ford.

F4NT0S says:

You use fanboy a lot, what about enthusiast!? 

Old Mill says:

I would spend the extra money on the Audi. I love the look alone.

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