2015 Audi S3 First Drive

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Motor Authority says:
JDM HK and AZN hip hop dance fans! says:

The audi A3/S3 look cool, but.. only the window’s not bad, on the both side
back window edge should need look like A5 or a7 window on the both side
edge window..

Brian Menius says:

The reviewer mentions that they were invited to drive the S3 “six months
before it goes on sale” in the US. That puts it here about the end of
April, though we’ve been hearing, indirectly, from Audi that it’ll be
August or so. Which is it?

TheConvict1965 says:

Horrid looking car….

Dee M says:

the cockpit looks old fashioned and boring.

Grant Ephross says:

This was a boring review, the monotone voice kind of ruins it. 

mad3st says:

I dont get why would u buy S3 instead getting S4 :S

Adan Rodriguez says:


AlboThuggaa says:

stupid fucktards this beautiful machine aint made for fat americans its
made for medium or muscular people, four college kids should deff have a
blast in there although its expensive there a lot of rich college kids so
suckadihhh these reviewes scukkk someone recruit me 

kevin n says:

James B. My god what a tedious response. A manual transmission is about
wanting to participate in the act of driving. You keep living in your
sanitized world of textbook comparisons. 

Robi Ray says:

this will pull some STI and evo owners if price at 40K

Oleg UkuRiSh says:

6 Speed ? Most like it 7 Speed ?

SansooIan says:


benzfen says:

Can someone explain how it is 2015 model as, if I’m not wrong, it was
launched in 2013 for Europe and obviously in 2014 in US – how it’s become
2015 model?

Glenmore Audi says:

The 2015 Audi S3 First Drive via +Motor Authority 

MrFunk says:

Why would anyone buy that in an Automatic?!?!!? Come on Audi!! All
Americans are not boring!

Chuck Wu says:

U guys suck at video reviews

racers115 says:

Sweet car, just hope Audi reliability ratings have drastically improved.

Matt McP says:


Brian Kiro says:

When/If they bring out the RS3 I will trade in my RS4. Please bring out
the RS3!!!!!

Mike Plummer says:

This is like a video version of a photo gallery, made to sell ad
impressions. Zero useful information about the car in motion, or any
interesting video, and the reviewer might as well have been reading from an
Audi brochure. I intend to buy an S3, but this review is just embarrassing
to the USA motor industry. Amazingly poor. Drive the car! 

amara melina says:

Allah ybark

Jerry Buza says:

It has a quattro badge. Is it the same Quattro as the original B5 or is it
Haldex like the VW Golf?

N1ckN1ck100 says:

wow automatic….

SuperDOK89 says:

I know is a first drive type of video but it’s got rarely anything about
the s3 itself. Nothing really a post – worthy in YouTube

Oli G. says:

Which color is it? monsoon grey?

Mehdi alaoui says:

the begining of the end of audi 

LemonSkyline says:

bring the hatch or no buy

timothy w says:

Few rare sleepers, 1700flat again

kevin n says:


timothy w says:

B4 turbo in rallycross tramac straight in

JackOfNoTrades says:

Not a big fan of that dashboard. The air vents look like diseased eyeballs
and the pop-up screen is not only ugly, but is bound to break
eventually. Audis look good on the outside, but their interiors need a lot
of help.

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