2015 Audi S3 Review – Fast Lane Daily

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The 2015 Audi S3 is one of the most exciting compact sports luxury sedans on the market and here is our Sarah Sauer ready to take the new Audi S3 for a review. Power for the 2015 Audi S3 comes…


GokuThe Saiyan says:

40+K for that you got to be joking….with all the love i have for you Audi
that pricing you have is a disappointment
But still when it comes to automobiles…German or nothing

Dwayne Bolan says:

Sarah whatever you’re doing keep it up. You are beyond beautiful

Eric says:

Cool accent, I want to hear some German lol

Maur Ice says:

I missed Sarah! 

bmw2go11 says:

SO MAD Audi didn’t give the US a manual transmission :’(

RoAEcho says:

Yea Sarah is back I’ve missed her reviews

LazyIndieGamer says:

Just yesterday I was thinking, where the hell did Sarah go? Glad to see
that you’re back :)

Handri says:


Josh Charlie says:

Nice car, and nice review Sarah! Like the 1936 Olympic stadium in the
background :)

Howard B says:

Other German Automakers need to start following Audi’s minimalist interior
style. I really like the fact that the super clean TT interior is starting
to trickle down into the other models.

SS8styles says:

I sat in this at the auto show and I really wanted to love it but something
about the interior felt underwhelming. I’d rather save a little and get an
STI….ya, I’m that guy, sorry bout it

headgamer4297 says:

Hello im Darius Metcalf, and I’ve been watching your show for a while now
and seen u test drive lots of vehicles and give news. So my question is can
u please review the Mercury Marauder it’s a very nice sports sedan and a
very luxury vehicle, my brother used to own the Mercury Marauder and it
used to get a lot of things done it was a people mover and a sports car at
the same time. Despite the fact that it’s old and might be hard to find but
to me, i this is the best sports sedan ford ever produced with a V8. I hope

sorooshusa says:

audi = cheap interior = bmw

JDMricist says:

Wow, she’s over 6 foot and she was able to sit in the back with ample leg
room! Tons of room for activities!

kurlis says:

you should do a Koenigsegg Regera test drive next, in germany of course so
you can stretch her legs out

aneebaba06 says:

Even though I knew it was an S3 review, that was tricky to have that 650 S
behind you initially. Anyways, awesome job as always. And I love how you
are picky/nerdy about the small things,such as the S3 badge matching the
car color etc. see you next time (Hoping it won’t be Omar lol

Rodd Wehling says:

Seriously….marry me

pwschuh says:

Nice job Sarah. Lights in rear are ‘taillights.’ Instead of saying “I am
having enough room” in the back seat, we would simply say “I have enough
room.” Also, when we say “speeding,” it generally means driving over the
speed limit (i.e., breaking the law). With no speed limits on the Abahn,
you would just say “driving fast.” 

Andrew Lane says:

I sat in a new S4 today with a manual transmission and I thought the
transmission felt good but the feel of the new Z28 camaro shifter is
Amazing! It was all black, I felt like night rider in it. You don’t want
Alcantara on your steering wheel though because it’s not going to hold up
well to 200k. Leather is the way to go. 

headcas620 says:

I like that C6 more than the S3.

Dmitri Felbinger says:

just another amuture, lacking any flow or emotion review from “improving”
Sarah! Like you Sarah, I keep trying too, to watch you videos in hope of
that some day I will watch it to the end without cringing…

Rae Machiavelli says:

Picture this: S3 in white, tint, black wheels, rally armor mud flaps, roof
rack, cat back exhaust, manual. Want. Want. Want. 

NuclearGrizzly says:

It always gives me a chuckle when European cars are more expensive in the
countries they are made than in the States.

Baruka88 says:


jo23bulls says:

red is awesome

Steven Rosario says:

Lol, she totally said ‘sh*t’ in German!

H0okemh0rns says:

are there Fords in Germany? who the hell goes and buys a fucking Ford when
you live in the country that makes the best cars in the world?

Rits C says:

what about Ferrari red?

Arturo says:

Wish we could get the stickshift.. anyway liked the video! Nice choice of
music with RATM

Derrick WREX says:

yyaaayyy she’s back :), omg we were waiting for a really long time

StickyJalapeno says:

were the same height, i’m i short

CasaDeGomez says:

Sarah and Derek D need to make babies together! yah buddy!!!

Lawrence Timme says:

4 exhausts.

Asher St. George says:

I quote ” I have much leg room, and head room” NOT

Rontti says:

I’d like to see a real review, not Audi commercial…

Denzil Manickum says:

Love this car for some reason 

Dan Frederiksen says:


Adam Dean says:

I love you Sarah! Keep it up… ;)

Bin Yusuf says:

This car is basically an Audi A4 

Anil Chawla says:

you are pretty and i like you accent.


3:18 You meant backlights

Henry Froese says:

Who else saw the mustang @ 7:11

Jim Marchant says:

Love you Sarah!! 

LamassuSound says:

how is she reviewing cars?? what the hell man

headgamer4297 says:

Hey Sarah i love that accent 

Ryan Russell says:


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